Why A Child Will Love Our Camp Care Packages

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Most children experience at least a touch of homesickness when they are away from their families for a week or two. That sadness is quickly forgotten when they receive camp care packages in the mail during their stay at camp. All kids are not the same, so we have collected items for children of various personalities and have an assortment of 10 different camp care packages from which to choose.


The Activities, Games and Puzzles package includes items like washable markers, scribble pad, bendable pencil with sharpener, sticker book, Sudoku puzzle, activity book, wooden peg games, yo-yo, air missiles and playing cards. This package will give kids something to do during lulls in camp activities.


Campers who do not like to spend lots of time packing will appreciate receiving our Camp Essentials package with hand sanitizer, toothpaste, toothbrush, pocket tissues, flashlight and batteries. The package also contains fun things like a yo-yo, Sudoku puzzles, dry erase corkboard, playing cards, bendable pencil, sharpener and journal. The deluxe Camp Essentials package contains even more necessities for happy camping.


Our Summer Fun package includes items like squirt guns and swimming goggles for fun at the pool, and a Frisbee, glider airplane and balloon launcher will add to outdoor fun. The package also contains bubbles, temporary tattoos, a yo-yo and the popular Pet Shaped Rubber Band Bracelets.

Other packages include Arts & Crafts, Glow in the Dark and Kids Sports with appropriate items in each package.

Even kids who do not get homesick love to receive camp care packages. They feel loved and special when they get packages chosen with their own likes and interests in mind. Additionally, the camp care packages can help children who have trouble making new friends by giving them a chance to share their toys and games with others.

Children do not have to leave home to enjoy camp care packages. When the summer gets long and boring, a camp care package arriving in the mail may be just the thing to surprise them and lift their spirits.

Check out our amazing selection of Camp Care Packages!

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