Things to Never Include in Easter Baskets

Easter Morning: you run into the living room (or wherever you guys stashed your baskets) and there, before your eyes are those brightly wrapped baskets. Decked out with pink cellophane, stuffed with neon green grass, tied ribbons cascading from wicker handles, the basket sits still waiting for you, filled with… things.

You can’t tell exactly what they are – the things – because your parents strategically wrapped them so that the only way you can discover what treasures await you is to unwrap the basket in its entirety. (Maybe your parents didn’t do this. Maybe you weren’t a nuisance. Maybe this was my parents’ way of getting back at me. Who knows.) So, anyway, your fingers tear at that cellophane. You plunge that fateful hand into the depths of the basket to retrieve fistfuls of candy, small toys, and whatever else your parents deemed worthy.

But that was when you were young. Now, you’re the MC of this Easter ritual. Picking out the right stuffers for an Easter basket sounds like a tricky job, but you’ll do just fine…just stay clear of these awful Easter basket items:

A Sling Shot

“Oops, sorry Gran,” doesn’t quite cut it as an apology when she has egg yolk running down her face. Adding a slingshot into the mix on a day decorated with light-colored clothing and eggs is a family recipe for holiday disaster.


Whoever thought gifting live animals at Easter probably doesn’t have any kids. As if you didn’t have enough to do on Easter Sunday without adding a baby animal to the mix. Oh, but aren’t they so cute? No. No they’re not. Especially while you’re following them around your house with a paper towel and carpet cleaner.

Chocolate Zombie Bunnies

Or any of the other bunny horrors from this website. Think it’s hard to get them to sleep now? How about after they wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed on Easter morning to discover the Easter bunny is now a rotting corpse?


Yeah, because that’s what every kid wants to wake up to on day dedicated to candy. How would you like running down the stairs Easter morning to a new shirt? Or worse – socks. You’d probably be pretty POed at your parents. If you can’t think of anything cool, stick with the candy.

Candy bracelets

Though Lady Gaga may beg to differ, food you can wear isn’t the greatest. Not only is it kind of strange to be wearing something you can eat, it stains your skin and clothes.

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