The Worst Ever Easter Candies

Like Halloween, Easter is a holiday that wouldn’t be complete without candy. Every year, displays of bright floral boxes and fun, festive shapes take over the candy aisle, an event that children and grownups alike look forward to. Since it’s only available once a year, Easter candy has become pretty special – sacred even. Well, at least some of it has. A few candies try to hop onto the Easter bandwagon but fail miserably to live up to the standards. (Best. Candy. Ever.) So here they are, in somewhat random order; the Easter candies you should stay away from:

Worst Easter Candies

Chicks and Rabbits

If you’re head over heels for that alluring light banana flavor of Circus Peanuts – just kidding, I know no one’s ever actually liked them – you’re going to love Chicks and Rabbits. They are labeled “marshmallow candy,” which is interesting given their texture. Chicks and Rabbits are formed with that unmistakable, crumbly plastic-like foam that has made Circus Peanuts so popular. Sadly, the only redemption for these fuzzy farm darlings would be a super cute appearance, but instead, their elongated faces and large, vacant eyes make them look like E.T.’s cousins. Fail.

Chocolate Flavored Bunnies

chocolatebunnyThe keyword here is “flavored.” During a time of year when you can’t walk into a drug store without a display of actual chocolate bunnies, I don’t understand why people insist on ones that are chocolate flavored. It’s not like that many kids are allergic to the stuff (it only happens to like one and a million people). Seriously guys, splurge the extra 50 cents for the real deal – it’s a holiday.


quaxThis yummy ducky (really, it says that on the package – as if that’s enticing) is a complete and total horror. It looks like Ernie’s bath time buddy, but it’s edible. (Well, maybe. It depends on what you consider okay to eat.) Boldly going where no others have gone before, this Easter treat has paved the way for milk-flavored candies everywhere. Now, I know what you’re thinking: what would a milk-flavored treat taste like? We’ll give you a hint; it would taste horrible! So it’s no wonder that Quax remains the only candy of its kind.

Cadbury Crème Eggs

cremeeggAlright, I’m sorry – I know they’re a cult classic and everything, but admit it, they are pretty nasty. While the egg’s shell is a perfect representation of the slow-melting, smooth chocolate goodness we expect from Cadbury, the sticky sweet centers of runny, gooey fondant is enough to make any stomach go on strike. And, worse still, is that these ova have spawned some appalling recipes, including the ever-popular Cadbury Crème Eggs Benedict. I wish I were kidding.


© Featured photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels