It’s Not All About The Holidays – Occasions Need Some Love, Too!

Birthday Gifts
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Yes, we all love the holidays and many of us celebrate every holiday we can possibly find. I know I sure do!

But when you’re thinking about gift-giving occasions, it’s not all about the holidays.

Perfect gifts are as important to find, if not more important, for other occasions running the gamut from sympathy to birthdays to those times when you just want to say “Thank you so much.”

Birthday Gift

For this post, I’m starting with birthdays, as giving something new for someone’s birthday is often a real challenge. You usually just want to give that friend or loved one something very similar to what they liked last year. That’s often the safest strategy and hey, you’re just being human.

But if you want your gift to really stand out, then you need to go one step beyond what you did last year.

For me, one of the best gifts for anyone is a cookie or brownie cake, as there are very few people in the world who don’t enjoy cookies or brownies (unless, of course, there are allergies or health concerns, so try to determine those first).

And, chances are good that your recipient has not received something as creative as a cookie cake in a long time. So go ahead and be different. As far as cookie cakes go, I’m really loving this one to commemorate another year on the planet — the Birthday Balloons Cookie Cake. It’s festive, it’s fun, and the “birthday boy” or “birthday girl” can share it with you, if you’re nearby.

Sympathy Gift

Now, one of the most difficult gifts to give is the sympathy gift, as you know that the situation is very emotional already and you just don’t want to make any mistakes.

Sure, a nice card is the best way to go here, but if you are very close to the recipient, or to the person who has recently passed, then you want to show much more affection in your gift choice.

Personally, the Sympathy Basket Select would be my choice, as it has a great deal of variety and looks beautiful. Many people, me included, do look to food for comfort and sending this basket would be a lovely, very genuine gesture, showing how much you care.

Thank You Gift

Unfortunately, in this world of Facebook posts and emoticons, the long-held tradition of sending thank you cards or gifts has become more rare.  In fact, I know some people who would say, “Wait, you send a gift just to say thanks?”

Well, we can help change that behavior one thank you gift at a time.

By sending a thank you gift, you can stand out as someone who not only has impeccable manners, but also shows extreme kindness and appreciation.

So next time you really want to say thank you to someone who has helped you more than they know, don’t just praise him or her on Facebook or send a nice email.

Send that special person a nice gift that’s sure to brighten his or her day.

There are many more occasions that deserve shout outs, but I will save those for future blog posts. Just remember, gifts are always appreciated and when you go to a site like, chances are very good that you will find something that’s just right for the occasion, the recipient, and your own budget. Thanks for reading!

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