Saying Happy Birthday Never Tasted So Good – Top 3 Birthday Gifts From Gourmet-Oriented Foodies

Top 3 Birthday Gifts

Some terrific birthday gifts have universal appeal, while others are just perfect for a particular gender or age group. Looking at the Top 3 Birthday Gifts selected by customers in 2017, we have both categories covered. Here are the best sellers:

No. 1 – Birthday Oreo Cookies. These delicacies bring the goodness of Oreos together with Belgian chocolate and petite chocolate candies, sprinkles, and other decorations. They’re celebratory, fun, and, let’s face it, who doesn’t like Oreosbirthday-oreo-cookies dipped in chocolate? Plus, they spell: “B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y.”

While this gift could be a sweetness overload for some, everyone should have the freedom to indulge on a birthday. This gift would work well for chocolate-loving recipients regardless of gender or age.

No. 2 – Happy Birthday Gift Tower – Imagine colorful boxes forming a stunning tower. And then pretend you’re opening all of these boxes, which are replete with nostalgic candies, cookies, pretzels, popcorn, and more. Yes, my mouth is watering just writing about them.

Then picture yourself as the lucky recipient. As an aside, some well-placed hintshappy-birthday-gift-tower with loved ones could make that a reality. Start by emailing the following phrase linked to the Happy Birthday Gift Tower and see what happens: “Wow, what a yummy birthday gift for yours truly.”

Note: Being subtle doesn’t often result in receiving the right gift.  So, don’t be afraid to be bold in requesting what you want as your next birthday approaches.

No. 3 – Around The World Beer Bucket. This beauty has 12 beers from different countries, plus delicious and perfectly-matched popcorn and other snacks to bring out the best in the beers. In 2017, this was THE birthday gift to get the guy who already has everything or the beer lover who needs to be WOWED. In 2018, it could easily serve the same purpose.

Personally, I would love any of these gifts for my birthday, but I’m an avidtwelve-beer-bucket-gift-basket popcorn fan and since happens to have nearly 100 different gourmet popcorn flavors and some great combinations of savory and sweet varieties, I would suggest investigating the popcorn-centric options, as well.

And, with the new personalized card service, you can take a photo of your gift recipient (from Facebook or your smartphone) and create a one-of-a-kind card to pair with a delight-inducing gift, truly making a wonderful impression on your beloved Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy.

Thanks for reading!  And if today happens to be your birthday, make it the best one ever.