How to Make Your Own Easter Basket

Classic Easter Basket

Giving baskets as gifts at Easter has been a tradition since the early days of Christianity. Now, it’s a fun tradition for children and adults alike! Here are some creative ideas on how to make your Easter baskets original and special with a made-at-home touch:

  • Origami Baskets

    I used a lot of tape and glue for my homemade baskets when I was younger. This origami version is much classier and doesn’t require any adhesive! The basket in the example is small, but you could always use larger pieces of paper to make it bigger. The technique is the same. When it’s finished, fill it with Easter candy. My personal favorite is the little chocolate Easter eggs that have been wrapped in pastel foil.

  • Flowerpot Easter Basket

    Do you have a garden lover in your life? If so, you can turn an ordinary clay pot into a beautiful Easter gift! Fill it with shaved newspaper or store-bought Easter grass and then fill it with whatever you’d like. Since it’s a gardening theme, I like to put essentials like seed packets, gardening gloves, and tools inside. If you’re giving this to a child, you may want to use a plastic flowerpot and then fill it with candy and toys after you add a strap.
  • Decorate a Plain Basket

    Do you have a plain basket you want to decorate for Easter? You can buy baskets at craft stores if you don’t have any or you can even reuse last year’s Easter baskets! Decorating them will give them a whole new look. All you need is a glue gun, ribbons, pastel colored toile, and any other decorations you’d like to use. You can even use craft paint to change the color!

  • Use Recycled Items

    Before you throw anything away, think again! Did you know that common items at home, including soda bottles and strawberry cartons, can be turned into an Easter basket? Once they’re decorated, no one will even know the difference. All that’s left is to fill it with Easter candy or plastic eggs filled with small toys. You can even use them to decorate your home!

  • Woven Easter Baskets

    Traditional baskets are made by soaking wooden reeds in water to make them pliable. They are then woven into basket shapes and you can decorate them any way you wish. Though this is still a great way to make baskets, you don’t actually need to use reeds. You can use recycled materials, like plastic bags. Once you decorate and fill them, they look just like traditional baskets.