New Eats: The Brazilian Bauru

Have you ever heard of The Brazilian Bauru? Many of us here at are travel buffs and foodies. So we’re continually trading recipes we’ve discovered on our travels. A favorite office sandwich is The Bauru, from Brazil. It was invented in 1934 by a law student in São Paulo. It became famous after this student entered a local eatery and asked the chef to prepare a sandwich to his specifications. The rest, as they say, is history!

Meet The Brazilian Bauru

It’s the official sandwich and namesake of Bauru (a city in Brazil) and is popular throughout the entirety of the country. A roast beef sandwich with melted mozzarella cheese poured over it and topped with tomatoes and more. Its ingredients can vary somewhat, but “officially,” the following must be included:

Official Ingredients

      • French bread, cored
      • Mozzarella cheese
      • Roast beef
      • Beefstake tomato, sliced
      • Dill pickles
      • Salt
      • Oregano

Bauru Sandwich

Tricks of The Trade

There are two tricks to getting this just right. First, even though it seems like a crime, you’ve got to cut the bread horizontally and tear out the fleshy insides. Secondly, the cheese must be melted. Fill a large sauté pan ¼ full of water and place a small saucepan inside it. Bring the water to a boil, place the cheese in the saucepan, and let it melt into gooey deliciousness.

And while it’s doing its thing, layer the roast beef inside the bread. Add the tomato slices, dust with oregano and salt, and then top with pickles. The finishing touch? You knew it was coming. Pour the melted mozzarella over the top and add on the remaining piece of bread. Press down on the top so that the cheese runs out the side.

Simple and delicious, the Bauru is undoubtedly a tasty way to bring a bit of Brazil home to your table.

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