Fool Proof Gift Ideas for Men

Fool Proof Gifts for Men

With the holiday season approaching, and September being the most common birthday month – we’ve decided to write about Fool Proof Gift Ideas for Men, to help take the guesswork out of your next gift purchase for the lucky man in your life. No matter the occasion, all of our suggestions are sure to make him smile!

Might as well start off strong with what is (I’m sure) one of his favorite categories. Beer! Does your man like beer? If so, then a gift that has a beer theme will certainly be a winner! Our beer baskets are filled with an enticing variety of brews and come with a fine selection of gourmet snacks. We also offer a seasonal beer bucket that includes microbrew flavors from the season and a delicious array of seasonal snacks. Other beer-themed ideas include taking him to his favorite pub for a special birthday flight, personalized pint glasses, or even accompanying him on a brewery tour.

Sports Gifts
What man do you know that wouldn’t enjoy tickets to see his favorite team play? You could score big with this one! Plan a nice night out in your favorite city with dinner, tickets to a game (or a theatre show, if that’s what he’s into!!) and have a great time! Or better yet – skip the tickets, plan a night in at home to watch his favorite team and gift one of our NFL Popcorn Tins or MLB Popcorn Tins for the perfect mid-game snack.

Hobby Items
If the man in your life has a special hobby, giving him something that is related to that hobby will show him how much he means to you. After all, guys love it when you show your support! For example, if he loves to fish, you can give him a gift basket filled with snacks to eat on his fishing trips, or essential fishing items, such as hooks and lures. Think about his hobbies and then give him something special related to it.

Luxury Items
Even if your man wears the cheapest cologne he can find, that doesn’t mean he prefers it. Most guys love a little luxury, but they just don’t bother to buy these items for themselves. Items like expensive cologne, a classy shaving kit, and a fancy watch are all things he may wish he owned but probably never bought for himself. Make his day and treat him to a little luxuriousness in his life! Hint: He might even enjoy a nice bottle of champagne!

The recent trend is to spend your money on experiences instead of things. If your man follows this philosophy – gift an experience! A fun day at a theme park, a high-ropes adventure course, or a night of go-carting, miniature golf and ice cream are all fun options and involve something that you can do together. If it’s a big event you’re gifting for – consider a trip to a city you’ve never been.

The next time you’re wondering what to get for the special guy in your life, you can’t go wrong with any of these Fool Proof Gift Ideas for Men!