Five Ways To Find The Perfect Gift For A Foodie

Perfect Gifts For Foodies
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Foodies pride themselves on loving what’s best to eat. Their standards are high and sometimes they can be hard to please, as every foodie has his or her personal reasons for loving food. How do I know this? Well, I’m a foodie myself and I’ve given many of them presents over the years.

So, when choosing the ultimate gift for the foodies in your life, here are five major considerations to keep in mind.

  1. You Are What You Eat

Once used by elementary school teachers, this adage takes on even more meaning when you’re referring to foodies. That’s because they sometimes categorize themselves by the foods they adore – or abhor. You’ve probably even heard some say, “I’m not really a fish person,” or “I’m a guy who really loves fruit and chocolate together,” or “My life is amazing now as a vegan.”

Any expression about food by a foodie will point you in the right direction for a gift.

Also, think about what types of foods they love to give as gifts themselves – are they cakes, cookies, chocolates, fruit arrangements, chocolate-covered fruit, nuts, or something reflecting the latest food craze?

Or consider what they order while you’re enjoying a meal or snack together. What dessert do they get? Or what beverage is their go-to drink? Is it a type of wine, a new microbrew, a sweet-and-sour cocktail, a tea flavor, or a latte?

The answers to those questions will help you find the best food gift for your favorite foodie.

  1. Evoking Nostalgic Emotions

Often foodies will say that a certain flavor brings them right back to childhood.

For me, there are so many nostalgic favorites – from candies that were Halloween must-haves to the dynamite pineapple upside down cake that my mom made.

And then there was my favorite field trip ever. Our teacher, a secret foodie himself, brought us to a special shop that baked all kinds of different chocolate chip cookies right in front of you.

That shop’s aroma was its best advertising. In fact, my mouth waters when I think of the great cookies I devoured there. The shop also created Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes for special occasions and that’s when I became hooked on having a Cookie Cake for my birthday.

By the way, here at, we have some of the best Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes around, so if your foodie loved these the way I did as a kid – it’s time to help him or her relive those memories right here.

  1. Sharing Is Caring, Especially For Foodies

Foodies want to share the love – and to foodies, love can be equated with the best food they’ve ever tasted. So, after you’ve chosen something that reflects their flavor preferences or reminds them of childhood, then be sure that the gift is large enough for them to share with others. Why? Because foodies crave any opportunity to introduce friends to their latest “food finds.”

One type of item at that is often shared by recipients is our cheesecake. There are 25+ different varieties, so there’s something to please almost every palate. Truly gourmet, these delicacies can act as dessert for several days – and can feed an entire party of foodies.

One of my family’s favorite gifts to share is the President’s Choice Cheesecake Sampler, which includes different slices of the following cheesecake varieties: New York, Cherry Almond, Strawberry Swirl, Amaretto, Triple Chocolate, Turtle, Cookies & Crème, and Chocolate Raspberry.

With this gift, sharing is the sincerest form of caring!

  1. The WOW Factor

Foodies need to feel WOWED by their food gift, because they truly celebrate food.  So, giving them gorgeously arranged eats in specially made baskets, decorated tins, leather suitcases, and even special golf bags shows that you, as the giver, care enough about the recipient to get him or her the very best.

Choosing a gift with that WOW factor also demonstrates your respect for one of the recipient’s most treasured traits – his or her affection for great food and/or beverages. That gesture can go a long way toward building the relationship, too.

  1. Variety Is The Spice – And Sweetener – Of Life

For the foodie that you don’t know all that well, variety is the best way to help ensure that he or she will like the gift you’ve chosen.

While the President’s Choice Cheesecake Sampler mentioned above usually satisfies just about any foodie, also has several upscale popcorn samplers sure to delight. Considering that the company creates nearly 100 flavors of popcorn, there’s bound to be a flavor that even the most finicky foodie in your life might want.

Some of the most popular popcorn samplers offered include:

  • The Chocolate Popcorn Sampler with ten very delectable flavors: Cookies & Cream, Tuxedo, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Hazelnut, Salted Chocolate Drizzle Caramel, Mint Cookie Mayhem, Confetti Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Funky Monkey and Milk Chocolate Drizzle Kettle Corn.
  • The Festive Favorites Popcorn Tin, with Confetti, crunchy Caramel and Buttered popcorn.
  • The Backyard BBQ Popcorn Sampler with ten savory and sweet flavors inspired by the backyard barbecue: Honey Mustard, Hickory Maple Bacon, BBQ Ribs, Chipotle BBQ, Cajun, Buttered Corn On The Cob, Dill Pickle, Zesty Ranch, Sun Dried Tomato, and Watermelon.

Finally, if you know that the foodie on your gift list just loves popcorn or cheesecake and would want to sample several varieties on an ongoing basis, you could surprise him or her with a membership in either the Monthly Popcorn Club or the Monthly Cheesecake Club.

By keeping these five considerations in mind, you now have the right advice to thrill many types of foodies.

And remember, what goes around comes around! The more foodies love your gift, the better your chances are to receive something delicious from them when you’re celebrating a special occasion or holiday.

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