Festive Appetizers Perfect for Holiday Parties

Home Christmas decoration
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It seems like parties are always popping up at this time of year, and in order to be the perfect guest, it’s always best not to show up empty handed, and that’s where these Festive Appetizers come into play. Whether you’re hosting the party yourself, or are attending your neighborhood Christmas party, here are some of our top picks of Festive Appetizers Perfect for Holiday Parties.

Pigs in a Blanket (Recipe from Simply Delicious)

How classic is this party food, traditionally made with hot dogs and crescent rolls? As a kid I used to make these for my family on Christmas, so this is a real nostalgic one for me. I would be so proud of my miniature creations as I passed them around on Christmas day. This recipe “classes” things up a bit, using store-bought puff pastry, and cocktail sausages for the pigs in a blanket, and offers a delicious and flavorful maple mustard dipping sauce. The ‘piggies’ are arranged in a wreath pattern, making a wonderful opening for a bowl of the dipping sauce.

Pigs in a blanket wreath with maple-mustard dipping sauce

Baked Brie (Recipe from Simply Delicious)

Everyone loves a good baked brie. The contrast of the warm brie, with raspberry jam and the heartiness of a cracker definitely calls for celebration. Puff pastry stars in this festive appetizer as well, as it’s layered with slices of brie cheese, cranberry sauce and roughly chopped pistachios. The pistachios definitely give this dish a necessary crunch and the puff pastry acts as a wonderful vehicle to get the cheese to your mouth! The arrangement on the puff-pastry wreath is beautiful, and would be much easier to serve than your traditional baked brie.

Cranberry and Brie puff pastry wreath

Bacon Wrapped Brussels Sprouts (Recipe from Savory Tooth)

I love the combination of brussels sprouts and bacon. I love it as a side dish, and therefore I most definitely love it on a stick as an appetizer. What sets this dish above all others is the savory balsamic mayo dip that accompanies it. Dipping the warm, roasted sprout in the tangy mayo dip is simply delicious. Plus, isn’t everything better with bacon?

Bacon wrapped brussels sprouts with balsamic mayo dip

Caramelized Onion Dip (Recipe from Garnish with Lemon)

There’s really nothing like a warm dip on a toasted crostini to get the party started (in my opinion anyways!!). This dip combines perfectly caramelized onions, with melty gruyere cheese and crispy crumbles of bacon, all baked together into a dip of deliciousness. The caramelized onions can be done ahead of time, and that’s really something you should consider, since they do take about an hour to cook down, for the perfect amount of caramelization. The cheese adds the perfect amount of salt and it’s all finished with the smokiness from the bacon. It’s the perfect party dip.

Warm Gruyere, Bacon and Caramelized Onion Dip

Give any one of these Festive Appetizers Perfect for Holiday Parties a try and you (or your guests) won’t be sorry and will be left coming back for more.

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