Tips for Hosting a Great Fall Dinner Party

Do you love to invite people to your home? Fall is the perfect time to do so! Not only is this season stunningly beautiful, but the markets are also stocked with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Here’s some advice on how to host the perfect autumn dinner party:

Create a Seasonal Menu

In most parts of the United States, fall is when the growing season is coming to a close. That means that some of the tastiest vegetables and fruits of the season, such as butternut squash and apples, are at their peak! To really wow your guests, put together a menu that focuses on only the freshest ingredients. For example, this butternut squash ravioli is a harvest dish that’s perfect for your party! You’ll also want to determine if you want to serve a multi-course meal, buffet, or serve everything “family style.”

Decide How Formal You Want It

Do you want to host a formal or informal dinner party? Before you decide to go the formal route, keep in mind that it can be difficult to execute. With formal dining, you’ll want to set the table with your most expensive china. You’ll also want to create a multi-course menu. Depending on how many people you’ll be having over, you may even consider catering it. If you decide to have an informal dinner party, there will be less details to figure out.

Establish Your Guest List

Before you plan the rest of the details of your dinner party, you’ll want to determine how many people you’ll invite. The common benchmark is that most successful dinner parties can have anywhere from six to twelve people. In order to make sure that enough people attend, however, you’ll want to invite at least fifteen people because it is unlikely that everyone will be able to attend. If you invite a little more than you expect, you’ll end up having the perfect number. Be sure to give your guests ample notice. People are more likely to attend your party if you tell them about it far enough in advance.

Prep in Advance

As the day of your dinner party approaches, you’ll want to prep some of your food in advance, if possible. For instance, if you decide to serve mashed potatoes, did you know that you could actually make them the day before? Store the potatoes in a casserole dish and then warm them up in an oven that has been set at 350 Degrees Fahrenheit. The nice thing about this is you could warm things up in the oven as you’re cooking the main course or dessert! You can also make salad, dessert, and most of your sides in advance without detracting from the overall flavor.

And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Try not to get too caught up in the details and enjoy yourself.