Why We Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Why we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, many theories are circulating the web. Some of these theories revolve around green being a part of the Irish Flag, Ireland being a green country, and the honoring of an old Irish custom of spreading ashes on the fields to make the land richer. Sadly, there is… Read More >

Why De We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day – A Short History

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Besides being a time to don your favorite green apparel and hit your local pub, or your home, for some green beer or a pint of Guinness. But why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? And why is green associated with this day?

Green Food to Make for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day food, for many, St. Patrick’s Day is a day filled with traditional Irish food. I do not know about you, but corned beef and cabbage don’t really do it for me. I do have Irish heritage in my blood and would love to celebrate the day with St. Patrick’s Day food, especially… Read More >

6 Foods to Serve on Saint Patrick’s Day

No matter what I decide to do on Saint Patrick’s Day, I know eating traditional Irish food will be on my agenda. Since it falls on a Thursday this year, why not have people over to celebrate instead of going out? You can still wear green, drink Irish beer, and eat traditional food – you… Read More >