Last Minute Christmas Gifts: A Procrastinator’s Gift Guide

Christmas is now just days away and we’ve all been scrambling around shopping for the perfect gifts and hot new gifts for everyone on our list.  Well, maybe not all of us have been doing this. In fact, I personally am one of the many procrastinators that wait until the very last minute to shop… Read More >

The Twelve Days of Christmas is Not When You Think

During the past few weeks, you may have noticed almost every place you go or every radio station you hear is playing the song The Twelve Days of Christmas. I have personally heard the song The Twelve Days of Christmas hundreds of times but never have I ever questioned the meaning of the song or when… Read More >

6 Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you need some last-minute Christmas gift ideas? Whether you waited until the last minute or you need to buy a gift for a person you didn’t expect, finding a present doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some of our favorite universal last-minute Christmas gift ideas that everyone will be happy to receive.

6 Unique Ways to Make Christmas Cookies

Christmas is coming up and it’s time to start baking those cookies for Christmas gifts! Are you sick of doing the same thing every year? Here are some of our favorite ways to make your Christmas cookies more unique.

Christmas Cookie Recipe: White Chocolate Cherry Cookies

Every year at Christmas, I try to mix in a few new cookie recipes into my repertoire. I definitely have my standbys that I swear by and would hear about it if I didn’t make them, but it’s always fun to me to try something new. After all, that’s how recipes become favorites, you have… Read More >

Classic Christmas Dinner Sides

I know Thanksgiving was last week, and the last thing we’re all thinking about is what to put on the table for Christmas dinner, but it never hurts to plan ahead, so today, we’re talking Classic Christmas Dinner Sides. Whether the star of your show is a ham, a prime rib, a turkey, or something… Read More >

How to Create a Perfect Christmas Morning

Hoping to have a perfect Christmas morning? Christmas, and the holiday season in general, is a time that people want to spend with their friends and family. People remember fondly the sights, sounds, and smells of their perfect Christmas morning. Jingling sleigh bells, the snap and crackle of a roaring fire, the smell of cinnamon… Read More >

How People from Other Countries Decorate Their Christmas Trees

Curious How People from Other Countries Decorate Their Christmas Trees? Each year, people all over the world festively decorate evergreen trees with ornaments for Christmas. Many believe that this tradition began with Martin Luther in Germany in the 1600s, but decorating trees in the wintertime was actually a pagan tradition before being associated with Christmas…. Read More >