Tips for Hosting a 4th of July Party

Organizing and hosting a patriotic 4th of July party or BBQ this year? Go ahead and shelf your stress. We understand how overwhelming party planning and entertaining can be, specifically Independence Day parties. Especially when it’s hot outside. That’s why these simple 4th of July party tips will help you create the perfect star-spangled soirée.

July 4th Gifts From the Heart – Star Spangled Generosity

What does Independence day mean to you? Does it include gifts from the heart and Star Spangled generosity? Or do you mainly focus on the celebration aspect of the 4th of July holiday? For our family of employees here at, we were about to discover what Independence Day truly meant to us.

7 Festive Patriotic Dessert Ideas

As the official birthday of our nation, the 4th of July always stirs our national pride. It’s also a prime day to relax and have a few people over to enjoy the summer holiday! Instead of serving up your typical desserts, try these patriotic dessert ideas instead.

How To: Grill the Perfect Burger

The perfect burger, a staple at any summer gathering, the humble hamburger is one food that many cook and few perfect. But with a few simple steps, the burgers you pull off the grill can rival any chef.

Easy 4th of July Appetizer

If you plan on attending a 4th of July party, chances are good that you’ll need to put together some sort of crowd-pleasing dish. We suggest offering to make an appetizer, then heading to the grocery store (or simply raiding your pantry) for a few simple ingredients to make this easy 4th of July appetizer.