The Best Flowers and Plants for April

and The best flowers and plants for April… April ushers in a time of renewed energy, motivating us to organize the garage, pack away winter mittens and clear out corner cobwebs. April is also a perfect time to give the garden extra attention before the rain descends.

Strange Easter Traditions

I was under the illusion that we didn’t have any strange Easter traditions in America. But then I started thinking about it – about the strange things we do around the holidays – and I realized we have some really bizarre rituals. Basing warm weather on a groundhog’s shadow? Come on. Who are we? So,… Read More >

Adopt These Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Each year, people from all over the world celebrate Christmas, which means that there are plenty of traditions just waiting to be adopted! Here’s a roundup of some of the most festive ones.

Find New Thanksgiving Food Traditions

I know that my Thanksgiving table looks eerily similar to the one that my mom created when I was young, which was in turn a copy of the one her mom used to set. Family recipes, especially Thanksgiving food traditions, are passed down from generation to generation. I, for one, love covering my Thanksgiving sweet… Read More >

6 Wines to Pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

One of the most challenging things about Thanksgiving is finding wines to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. With the sheer variety of flavors that end up on the table, how does one select a wine pairing? Even if you plan a fairly cohesive meal, anything your guests bring to add to the meal creates, on the… Read More >

Thanksgiving Traditions Around the World

There are many ways to share Thanksgiving traditions and show thanks, such as sending a gift, letter, attending a service, or simply sharing a phone call with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Turkey day is one of the best days to carry out family Thanksgiving traditions or start new ones.

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes Ideas

Chances are you’ll still be swimming in leftovers from the delicious Thanksgiving feast you have a week after. I love a Thanksgiving sandwich as much as the next person, but sometimes (especially if you hosted the dinner) you have way more leftovers than you know what to do with. Here are some fun day-after-Thanksgiving leftover… Read More >