Warming Winter Soup Recipes

Can’t wait to start making winter soup recipes? It isn’t winter yet, but some days it sure feels like it. My car is in the shop as I type this getting its snow tires put on because I am sure the fluffy white stuff will make an appearance soon. When cold weather hits, so do… Read More >

How to Make Spring Pea Soup

This spring pea soup uses fresh, in season peas to give it a bright and vibrant flavor. If you don’t have fresh peas, feel free to substitute for frozen ones. This soup tastes great served both hot and cold, and don’t forget to garnish each bowlful with a dollop of crème fraiche!

Gourmet Gift Baskets Supplier Spotlight – Cabot Creamery

Our Midwestern customers might argue that Wisconsin makes the best cheddar cheese, but as proud New Englanders, we know the best cheddar cheese comes from Vermont! We are proud to source the cheese products in many of our gourmet gift baskets from the Cabot Creamery Cooperative, founded by local dairy farmers in Cabot, Vermont, back… Read More >

Can You Handle the Heat?

We at GourmetGiftBaskets.com know that for some people, spice is the only thing that matters when it comes to eating! The hotter the better, they say (which is why we’ve created a few different HOT gift baskets over the years. But every tongue has its limits. How much heat can you really handle before you… Read More >

What’s the Deal with Savory Cupcakes?

  When most people think of cupcakes they envision chocolate and vanilla cakes with delicious and creamy frosting. Maybe even a few sprinkles if they are feeling festive! But for the last few years cupcakes have undergone a major makeover. Both The Wall Street Journal and Food and Wine said that savory cupcakes, specifically lasagna… Read More >

Easy 4th of July Appetizer

If you plan on attending a 4th of July party, chances are good that you’ll need to put together some sort of crowd-pleasing dish. We suggest offering to make an appetizer, then heading to the grocery store (or simply raiding your pantry) for a few simple ingredients to make this easy 4th of July appetizer.

Facts You Never Knew About French Fries

French fries facts: If you have ever wondered about who invented french fries, you’re reading the right blog. Believe it or not, potatoes aren’t native to anywhere in Europe. The spud crop is from South America, where it was first domesticated between 8000-5000 BCE in Peru and Bolivia. Eventually, potatoes were introduced to Europe through… Read More >

Hosting the Perfect Movie Night… Just in Time for the Oscars

Hosting the perfect movie night… In a few days, you’ll get to gush over glamorous gowns and watch Hollywood’s finest (and not so finest) parade around a red carpet. Don’t lie – I know you’re a little excited. But the thing about the Academy Awards is that generally, you have to watch the nominated films… Read More >