How to Build the Best Easter Basket

How to Build the Best Easter Basket

Easter is approaching very quickly! It’s one of those holiday’s that tends to sneak up on us each year…probably since it’s always on a different day. Since Easter is just over a week away, it’s this weekend that most people will be running out to find supplies to put together their How to Build the Best Easter Basket Easter Gift Baskets. The goal is to make a basket that will bring out the biggest smile on Easter morning, and includes a nice mix of classic, fun toys and sweet treats. Here are some tips on How to Build the Best Easter Basket:

  • Container

The first step is to find what you want to put all of your Easter gifts in. Most people use a classic basket here, and that’s great, but it can also be fun to mix it up and use something completely different and out of the box. Baskets are fun because they are reusable from year to year, and once you find the one, the Easter bunny can continue to fill it each time he comes. Alternatives to the classic basket include a beach pail, a gift tower of boxes, and even a tote bag! If you have an upcoming spring vacation, how fun would it be to build the Easter basket in a beach bag?

  • Solid Foundation

Next you’ll want to consider what will go in the bottom of the basket, to act as a nest for holding all the candies, and fun toys that you add on top. You can go the traditional route and put in Easter grass, just don’t be mad when it ends up all over the house! Other options here include using real straw, newspaper clippings, or you can even put a beach towel or baby blanket in the bottom, that will double as an additional gift!

  • Fillings

Ah…the filling! Now comes the time to put together the best part of the basket! In this section you will want to include a variety of sweet candies, fun snacks, cute toys, and maybe even a plush Easter animal or two. There’s nothing cuter than a little stuffed bunny peeking out the side of an Easter basket. It’s always smart to include something educational here too, like a couple books, a school workbook, or even some art supplies.

  • Final Touches

Now, in the final step is the time for the finishing touches. Tie and secure a beautiful bow to the basket handle for an elegant and finished look. If you want to get really fancy, wrap the basket in clear plastic sheeting, and finish with a colorful Easter ribbon.