Awesome Gifts For Men

Awesome Gifts for Men

We all know how difficult it can be to find gifts for men (even if you happen to be a guy).

So many men just don’t express what they want and need. Sometimes it takes several inquiries until they finally give in and share a few favorites that might work. Other times, they’re so elusive, you have to wing it.

But does it really need to be that much of a challenge?

It depends on the guy.  For some reason, it appears that more women are more naturally wired to select gifts than men. (The same goes for “Thank You” notes and texting that’s just chatting back and forth over and over again, by the way).

So here are seven gifts for guys that should go over well, especially if the man on your gift list just never gets around to really telling you want he wants.

1. If he likes beer – a beer gift is really an easy gift. We have a lot of Beer Buckets and depending on your budget, any of them should be great gifts for many guys

2. If he’s a man with a sweet tooth, one surefire hit would be the Baked Goods Premium Basket that has all kinds of cookies and brownies, and a masculine blue ribbon. I can’t think of one man who wouldn’t be really happy to get this gift. (Plus, there’s plenty for him to share! Neither of you will need to pay for dessert for a week or more).

3. MLB Popcorn Tins – For the baseball fan, one of our team tins is another can’t-miss gift. We have several teams represented – just make sure you get the tin for his favorite team. (Translation: Just don’t assume that he likes a team because he happens to live in a particular city). Please note: a tin for the wrong team is a definite “don’t.” Teams represented include: Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, NY Yankees, LA Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and several others.

For the fashionable guy who really needs a new bag for interviewing or the office (you know he does and he doesn’t realize it), there’s a brand new vegan leather brand out there called Ministry of Tomorrow with stunning selections. The Laptop Briefcase is a very handsome piece and is hugely practical – two aspects of the gift the guy you have in mind will like. Or if he prefers something less corporate, the Crossbody Messenger Bag would be perfect.

For the frequent traveler or the guy who wants to take to take a nap just about anywhere, this little item is both affordable and extremely useful. It’s the Nap Pillow from It’s also good for people with frequent migraines at work who might need to take 15 minutes to rest in a dark room during the day.

For the man who needs to tune out for a little while, these Coby Headphones will really come in handy.  These rechargeable, premium, hands-free stereo headphones are designed in a smooth black frame with a padded headband and ear cushions. They’re also ideal for traveling.

For the “neat freak” or any guy who wants his electronics to be as clean as possible, this putty-like invention, Stoncel High-Tech Cleaning Compound, would be a Godsend. It looks like neon Silly Putty and cleans everything from the screens to the keys on laptops, desktops, phones and much more.

I know that’s a quick list, but it does cover many personality types and different tastes. Hopefully, there’s something on this list that will work for the man in your life who needs a gift (whether he realizes it or not).

Thanks again for reading!