The Global Pandemic: How Businesses Are Staying Connected With Employees And Clients

How have you been staying connected with employees and clients since the 2020 pandemic started? For many months, American businesses have shown how resilient and adaptable they can be to the unprecedented challenges that are stemming from the ongoing global pandemic. While the implementation of social distancing has led to a surge in remote work,… Read More >

The Return of Direct Mail Marketing and What to Do to Ensure Its Effectiveness

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Maximizing the Client Experience to Boost Business

Creating Referral Opportunities During The Course of an Active Deal It’s often thought that providing great customer service will yield referrals and repeat business. But is it enough of a differentiator?

Realtors – 5 Ways to Improve ROI with Client Gifting

There has long been debate among top real estate agents about whether or not realtors should send gifts to their clients. The truth is, client gift giving works since it is a way to differentiate yourself from real estate agents near you that do not gift. Client gifts are an easy and effective way to… Read More >