What Christmas Gifts Are Best for Teens This Holiday?

Finding Christmas gifts for teenagers can be challenging. Teens are developing many different interests and are figuring out who they are. Their tastes are changing every week — and sometimes more often than that. This is why buying presents for them can be so tricky. If your teen has already told you what they’d like,… Read More >

6 Ways To Reduce Thanksgiving Stress & Boost Appetite Appeal

..Some of us love Thanksgiving, some of us dread it. And many feel conflicting emotions because they are stressing about how to reduce Thanksgiving anxiety. But that’s the crux of the issue: Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday. While the feast is central to the celebration, to truly savor the often-wonderful food, you need to set… Read More >

What Can I Get Dad For Father’s Day This Year?

What Can I Get Dad For Father’s Day This Year? Figuring out what dad wants for Father’s Day is a dilemma many kids (from 5 to 65) have experienced ever since Father’s Day was invented. And speaking of that, the first Father’s Day was June 19, 1910, created by a wonderful daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd,… Read More >

What Are The Best Get Well Soon Gifts?

The answer to that question is easy. The best get well soon gifts offer comfort, and delicious gourmet foods provide more comfort than anything else. At least that’s how I feel – and I could name another 1,000 foodies who echo my sentiments.

It’s Not All About The Holidays – Occasions Need Some Love, Too!

Special Occasion Gifting Yes, we all love the holidays and many of us celebrate every holiday we can possibly find. I know I sure do! But when you’re thinking about gift-giving occasions, it’s not all about the holidays. Special occasion gifting is important too! Special occasion gifting is important, if not more important, for other… Read More >

The Guilt-Free Guide To Tackling Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

Last Minute holiday shopping, before we address anything else, we need to confront what I call “delayed gifting guilt.” That’s because it’s likely something most procrastinators feel at this point if they haven’t secured any holiday gifts yet for loved ones. If you’re feeling it, I permit you to let it go! Otherwise, it will… Read More >