Why Your Father Is Amazing

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Before you came along, your dad was sort of a regular guy.  He may have had long hair and been a regular at the local dive where he spent every night living his “dream” of becoming a pool shark.  Before you, your dad may have listened to his music too loudly, spent his days off at the beach with mom, and gone out every Friday night.  Before you, his ambitions may have been outlandish – reaching into space with astronauts or plunging deep into the ocean with scuba divers.  But things changed.  Life was no longer about staying up late and getting out of work early.  It became all about you.

Your father has dedicated all of these years to you, making sure you’re provided for, safe, and happy.  This amazing love deserves some recognition, which is why we have Father’s Day, but this year, take the time to recognize exactly why your dad is amazing – because he is.  Our fathers have done things for us over the years that when we’re younger, we don’t understand, but in retrospect, we comprehend the immeasurable love they have for us and what an amazing gift that is.

He’s Your Biggest Fan

Remember when you went through “that phase?”  Well, your dad still loved you and thought you were adorable, didn’t he?  Yeah, that’s because our dads will always think we’re great (it’s sort of an unwritten law).  Our dads brag about us, congratulate us on our achievements, and are proud of our accomplishments.  If it was a fad to wear buttons expressing sentiments towards their children, you’d probably think that ? the world’s youths were running for president. 

He Always Protects You

We usually project a heroic image onto our fathers at a young age, and so it’s no wonder that they actually protect us and save us from harm – and not just physically.  There’s a reason your dad wouldn’t let you to that party or why the concert was slightly too mature for you.  The phrase “when you’re older” really translates to “I’m protecting you from knowing or experiencing something you shouldn’t until you’ve grown up a bit more.”  And we’re all lucky for that.  Our fathers protect us from these things not only because they’re trying to retain our youthful innocence that we were fighting to escape, but because they don’t want to see us hurt.

He Was There for You

Always.  Through broken fingers, scraped knees, awful teachers, and first heartaches, your dad has been there to comfort you.  When you were little and wanted him to read a story – he did – and went above and beyond with voices.  Your dad’s priority was your happiness and trying to maintain it by any means possible.

He’s a Good Role Model

People always say it’s the small things that count – and it’s not different with your dad.  He didn’t have to be a little league coach in order for you to understand that he’s someone to admire.  After a long exhausting day at work, your dad didn’t throw in the towel and go to sleep.  Instead, he made you dinner, helped you with your homework, and watched your favorite TV show with you before tucking you in.  He exerted the greatest form of love by always putting you before himself.  And that’s pretty wonderful.

He Taught You Life Lessons

From the perfect egg frying technique to riding a bike, your dad’s taught you how to do a lot of things.  Though egg frying and bike riding sound like simple tasks, they translate into bigger life lessons, like getting up when you’ve fallen and trying again.  He may not have given you his guidebook to life a la dad, but he did translate the important lessons into kid speak for you and – believe it or not – you understood them.  You have inherited a lot of things from your father: bad habits, annoying phrases, and goofy mannerisms, but he also gave you good things that have shaped who you’ve become.

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