Why Should Anyone Get Married?

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My daughter called the other day to tell me that good friends of hers were getting divorced. Her friends had only been married a short time; they were young and didn’t have children. It was sad. The dissolution of marriage usually is. Most of her friends are still single. They are graduate students and independent young professionals. Many of them marry later than the generation before. “And I mean, why get married in the first place?” Katie asked me.

Why, indeed?

Reasons to Marry

1. You can live with someone, spend years going to movies and making dinners together, but if one of you dies — unless you are married — the whole estate, goes to your honey’s family of origin.

2. Not every place of employment has a “partners” inclusion in their health care contract. Gotta be married.

3. Getting married is a declaration of your love, fidelity and promise.  Everything doesn’t always work out as planned, but the public ceremony reinforces this commitment.

4. Being married makes introductions easier. This is my husband. Take my wife, please. Husband and wife are easily understood designations. Partner? Sounds as if you’re in business together. Significant Other? Too clunky. Lover? Embarrassing. And frankly, no one over the age of thirty, should have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

5. Two can live cheaper than one. While this is true even for co-habitants, state and federal taxes make it more than true for the legally married.

6. Being married shows a certain stability and maturity. This can be important to prospective employers who are looking for a dependable work force.

7. A Party. Weddings are fun. There’s dancing, booze, good food. And gifts. Don’t forget the gifts.

8. A Honeymoon. You get to go on a terrific vacation, not have the obligation to keep in touch with friends and family back home. You can just lie like a slug on a beach all day if you want. No one’s going to ask you what you saw, what you did.

9. Children. You want children, you should get married. Reinforcing all the reasons stated above: money,health insurance, stability, public commitment. And back to # 4: No woman should ever introduce the father of her child as my boyfriend.

10. A Forever Love. You met someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part. And that’s the best reason to get married – maybe the only one that counts, after all. You get married because you want to. You both really do.

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