What to Include in a Care Package

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Is your kid having the time of their life away from you? Probably – but that doesn’t mean they’re not missing home too. And that’s where care packages come into play. They’re a great way for kids to get what they need and want from home while giving you a way to keep in touch with them. Whether your child is at camp, preparing for a new semester, or spending time abroad, care packages are always seen as a thoughtful gift. Just be sure to include these items:

Filling Snacks
Paying attention is hard when all you can think about is a rumbling tummy. So, be sure to include hearty eats like crisp trail mixes, healthy nuts, and seasoned popcorn.

Favorite Candies
Like they don’t like sweet things! Chewy candies, crisp chocolates, and sugary gummies all make great additions to care packages. Just be cognizant of the weather. Truffles in August? Maybe not so much.

Low-Maintenance Meals
Even if your kid can cook, everyone appreciates being supplied an easy meal from time to time. Look for dehydrated noodles, nourishing soups, and belly-warming stews.

Study Supplies
Okay – if your kid’s at camp the last thing they want to think about is school, but they might be glad to see craft paper and markers. However, if your child is studying, fill in the extra space of your care package with notepads, pens, flash cards, and sticky notes.

When you’re experiencing the freedom of not being at home, there is no time to find the right shampoo. Make sure to include some in your gift, along with other hygiene products they may be wanting, like conditioner, lotion, shaving cream, and soap.

An Alarm Clock
Cell phones run out of batteries. Alarm clocks, on the other hand, ensure that your child wakes up on time. Getting out of bed is a different battle.

Something Made or From Home
There’s always something from home that can’t be found anywhere else. Maybe it’s Mom’s homemade fruit leather or herbs that make the house smell, well, like home. Try to include something like this in your care package.

Gift Cards
Parents never get the right kind of socks and it’s not like your child’s doing a lot of laundry. A gift card to their favorite store (or one that’s accessible anyway) are always a thoughtful addition.

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