Resolving the Issue of Resolutions

Alright, so it’s the 29th of January, which means you’ve got 28 taxing days of your resolution under your belt. How’s it going for you? If you’re sticking to it, I salute you, but chances are that like almost everybody else, your goal for the New Year has been deserted.

Resolving the Issue of Resolutions

Maybe that’s because you found gluten hard to abandon after a lifelong romance or realized making it to the gym everyday is impractical given your hectic schedule. But whatever the reason is that your resolution didn’t work out, you’re not alone in this fiasco. It seems that on the first of the year, we are all setting ourselves up for failure because we refuse to be honest with ourselves.

That’s why we should resolve to set better resolutions.

Instead of pledging to drop to a size 6 in a month, how about just trying to make healthier choices or attempt to lose a pound a week? And before pulling a Liz Gilbert and traveling around the world in search for your center, why not simply enrolling in a weekly yoga class? While everyone should have dreams and ambitions, we should be more rational about how we work towards achieving them. Sure, you can go from being a hardcore carnivore to a dedicated vegan, but without some research, planning, and perseverance, it’s never going to last. Rome wasn’t built in a day, guys.

So, if you’ve thrown this year’s resolution to the wayside, feel free to recollect it, revise it, and start anew. Chances are, you picked a really good goal, you just might need to be more realistic about how you reach it.

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