Mothers Are Awesome

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Mothers are awesome. Let’s face it: no one else would have changed our diapers and still thought we were cute. And on the second Sunday in May (that’s Mother’s Day, and now you have no excuse), many moms are honored with beautiful bouquets, divine chocolates, and great gift baskets. But not all are so lucky. Every year, some children give their mothers astonishingly awful presents. So, when picking out gifts for your leading ladies this year, rest assured that you can rule these options out:


A poor choice for two reasons: 1. No one should look at a bra and say, “My mom would stun in that,” and 2. You may get the size wrong. It may not seem it, but there’s a huge difference between a 32B and 36C. Let’s try and not remind our mothers how perky their breasts were before years of breastfeeding.

Scales, Nutrisystem, or anything else related to dieting

Nothing says, “I love you, Mom,” like pointing out that she’s gained weight. Again, we did some damage to that body. Don’t rub it in.

Cacti Plants

Right. Because that’s what every hard working woman who raised you wants: a prickly plant with absolutely no personality.


Despite having spent the better part of a year inside her, you are no expert on whether Mom enjoys lavender or apple-cinnamon. Best to keep it that way.

Oven Mitts

Or dishtowels, rugs, vacuums, or appliances. Actually, nothing from Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens and Things, or any store like them. It’s the 21st century and women have other places besides in the home.

Anti-Wrinkle and Acne Products

Mom, remember those good old days when you were young and not plucking hairs out of your chin? Well they’re long gone. Reminding Mom that she’s no longer youthful is downright mean. Plus, getting her products to make her look younger loosely translates into, “you’re old and hideous.” Maybe not the best message to be sending on Mother’s Day…or ever.

Gift Cards

She made time for all your stupid baseball games and lame recitals and what? You can’t take the time and find something she’ll actually like? Put the plastic down and try to find something she’ll love, like a gift basket, which can be as unique as she is.


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