International Beer Day

You don’t have to be an attendee of Oktoberfest to appreciate the way beer has changed the world. From spawning the agricultural revolution to preventing the spread of diseases like cholera, good ol’ beer has been behind some remarkable human milestones.
International Beer Day

August 1st is International Beer Day and we’re honoring it with a few of our favorite worldly brews. Available in some of our popular gifts, these well-traveled beers are certainly worth raising a mug to:

  1. Brewed in the Netherlands for nearly four centuries, Grolsch impresses as a bold, premium pilsner-style lager that’s both zesty and fragrant.

  2. Newcastle is beautifully dark amber in color. It was created in England in the 1920s and has become the world's most famous brown ale.

  3. Renowned for its famously crisp, refreshing taste, exquisite Sapporo is a lager that’s brewed in Japan using premium ingredients.

  4. Stella Artois was first introduced to the world over 600 years ago…meaning it’s old. It’s a traditional Belgian lager that’s recognized everywhere beautiful golden color, crisp taste, and iconic glass that it’s usually served in.

  5. Foster's is Australia's first beer. It’s a pale lager loved for its distinct, refreshing flavor.

  6. We don’t want to brag, but Samuel Adams has been named the "Best Beer in America." (And it’s made in Boston, MA. As New Hampshireites, we’re pretty proud of our neighbors.) The classic Samuel Adams brew is a full-bodied lager.

  7. A traditional, dry Irish stout, Guinness boasts a uniquely bittersweet flavor, which has made it one of the most successful beers in the world.

  8. Queue the reggae. Brewed in Jamaica, golden Red Stripe lager has been recognized all over the world for its vibrant taste since 1938.

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