Hosting A 4th of July Party

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For those of you organizing a patriotic party this Thursday, go ahead and shelf your stress. We know that entertaining can be kind of a lot to deal with…especially when it’s hot out. That’s why we’ve created this simple list that helps you pull together the perfect star-spangled soiree in just a few steps:

1. What’s Cookin’?

First, decide on a menu. You can serve up the classic hamburgers and hotdogs, which are fairly inexpensive and what everyone’s expecting, or you can throw your guests a few curve balls. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different kinds of burgers, vegetarian options, grilled fruits, and not-your-grandma’s coleslaw. Everyone will be eating the simple cookout menu all summer. It’s okay to deviate for a holiday.

__ Main Option 1

__ Main Option 2

__ Side Dish 1

__ Side Dish 2

__ Finger Food

2. Patriotic Potions

Make sure you have a few options when it comes to refreshments and refer to your menu. If you’re going with classic burgers, people will expect classic beers. Testing out new dishes? Make some cocktails that all your guests may not be familiar with. But, no matter what your menu consists of, make sure to offer a couple of non-alcoholic options too.

__ Drink Option 1

__ Drink Option 2

__ Water

3. Sweet Land of Liberty

Crowd pleasing classics like pies, trifles, and simple cupcakes can all become patriotic desserts with the addition of fresh fruits! Enlist the help of summer’s harvest, like strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, for delicious treats that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate!

__ Dessert 1

__ Dessert 2

4. Americana

You can make your party basically smell red, white, and blue with a few simple touches. Things like strategically placed streamers, patriotic pinwheels, and small flags don’t cost a fortune, but are perfect for making your bash totally about America the beautiful.

__ Plates

__ Napkins

__ Plastic Ware

__ Flags

__ Streamers

__ Miscellaneous

5. That’s Entertainment

You don’t need to hire a band, but you do need to have some sort of entertainment, even if it’s just a simple playlist you’ve created on your iPod. Games are good to have handy too – including simple ones that you think may be dated – like pin the tail on the donkey and a few decks of cards. Fireworks are generally a blast (ooh, bad joke), but depending on where you are, they may actually be illegal. Don’t do anything illegal. If they’re not allowed, a decent amount of sparklers and poppers will have a similar effect.

__ Music Selection

__ Game 1

__ Game 2

__ Something Patriotic

6. After Party

Make a lasting impression on your guests with simple goodie bags. Of course, these can be as extravagant as you please, but goodie bags are such a treat that generally people are just excited to receive them, so there’s no need to go over the top. An easy and affordable way to make them is by simply taking brown lunch bags, adding paper doilies onto their top fold, and then some sort of red and blue embellishment like a star of printed paper. Inside, store cookies, extra poppers, and/or other treats that your guests can enjoy after they leave.

__ Something to Put It In

__ Something Sweet

__ Something Fun

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