Give Your Easter Menu A Makeover

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Easter dinner has a tendency to be really redundant. Every year, it’s exactly the same as the last. Same time of day. Same guests. Same menu. I get that some aspects of such a dinner are traditional, but an identical meal year after year can be pretty predictable. In other words, it’s just plain boring. (And I’m not knocking your ham, Mom. It just might be nice to see something different at Easter once in a decade.)

That said, check out these recipes that are sure to give your dinner an update:

The Center of Attention

1. Porchetta

Deliciously savory and amazingly juicy, this classic Italian pork recipe will easily take center stage on your table. It’s a process – but man, is it worth it. After draping and wrapping pieces of pork together into one delicious roast, seasoning it with herbs like fresh sage and thyme, then roasting it in an oven with a low temperature for a few hours, you’ll have a main attraction that will make your guests swoon.

2. Lamb

Maybe you already serve lamb at your gathering, and that’s nice and all, but that doesn’t mean it’s exempt from an update. Wrap it with bacon, stud it with garlic, top it with a honey-curry glaze – just do something different.

3. Salmon

You may be under the impression that seafood has no place at your Easter table, but I implore you to give it a chance. Salmon is a great choice because of its beautiful color, blissful flavor, and its versatility. And (debatably) it’s way more elegant than honey ham. Check out this recipe for beautiful poached salmon and browse the other recipes on the list too.

Side With These

1. Fiddle Heads

Depending on when Easter falls, you may be able to find these (if you don’t know why Easter moves around, read the post before this one) and for your sake, I hope it runs late. Fiddle heads are a blessing and they’re usually available in the early parts of spring, given that it’s warm enough. They’re beautiful and flavorful and seriously – nothing looks better on an Easter table than coils of edible greens. Just make sure you take care to properly wash them.

2. Asparagus

If you can’t find the fiddle heads, asparagus is your next best bet. If it’s often a guest at your table, try and do something a little different with those spears. Check out recipes to wrap it prosciutto or dress it up with a creamy mustard sauce.

3. Mint

Alright, so you’re used to having it with your lamb, but sweet, irresistible mint has the ability to improve thousands of other dishes. Take rice. All by itself, rice pretty boring, but with the addition of mint, some peas, and a little lemon juice, it’ll look like a masterpiece on your table.

4. Arugula

Like mint, arugula makes its first appearance in the spring, so it’s only natural that it be present at your celebration. It adds a delicious flavor to meat and is the perfect green to spruce up your salad, especially if you top it with fresh strawberries, like this recipe.

What sounds good to you? How do you spruce up your Easter meal?

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