Former Newsday Columnist Joins



We would like to welcome Barbara Kerbel to our team at  Barbara was a former columnist of Newsday and will bring a level of quality to our Blog that I, most certainly, would never be able to achieve.  Without out further ado, Barbara Kerbel.

I am a mom to two married daughters, and grandma to three delicious grandchildren – Remi, 8; Chad, 6 and Eden 4. I’ve been a high school teacher, a journalist, a marketer, a wife and a single mom, not exactly in that order. While my older daughter, Liza, like her Mom, spends a lot of time in the kitchen doing mostly non-cooking activities like homework with the kids or endless marathons of the game du jour, my younger daughter, Jessica, is a very at home in her kitchen, which is a feat since it is about six feet by eight, and that is being generous.

One of my sons-in-law, Brian, is the greatest turkey carver in the world – plastic surgery is his trade (I think he’d rather I say plastic surgery is his art). My other son-in-law, Todd, is the guacamole-bbq-meatloaf king who does a pretty good job with a carving knife himself and makes frequent dinnertime appearances as the feisty and sensitive Chef Pepe in a noble and Oscar-worthy effort to get the kids to eat what he has prepared for them .

Like most families, we are about food, fun, holidays and the trials and tribulations of navigating daily lives punctuated with so many “must-dos” that taking a deep breath sometimes can’t happen unless it’s scheduled on the calendar.

This blog will be one woman’s effort, aided by her savvy family, friends and what’s in the news, to deliver helpful, insightful information, random personal thoughts, tried-and-true tips and, thanks to the freedom that comes with blogging, whatever I feel like writing that in some way relates to being part of a family that eats, celebrates, argues, travels and otherwise spends time together. Hope you enjoy!

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