Father’s Day A Man’s Way

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The Perfect Gifts for the Perfect Guy

Though they’ll say it’s the other way around, we know men are no picnic to shop for. No man lusts after yet another button down shirt and really, how many bad ties does one guy need? If your dad is techy, then sure, go for some cool new invention, but not all even understand texting yet. And, as always, there’s the issue of money. For those of us who can’t afford an all-expenses paid trip for Dad to Europe, our options are fewer – but that doesn’t mean he has to like his gift any less, we just have to be smarter about what we’re getting. It’s said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and based on experience, I’d say it’s pretty accurate. So, this year for Father’s Day, try out gifts that unite your #1 guy’s favorite pastimes with the tastes he loves most:

Because He Eats Like a Man…

For reasons I’ll never be able to comprehend, men love to grill. So, help them get to it. Give Dad a gift that allows to get his grill on. Gifts like our Barbecue Boss Basket give Dad all the rubs and marinades he needs to create delicious meals like never before. Not so sure of the tools he’s got? Check out our Father’s Day Grilling Gift Basket which includes not only gourmet marinades and rubs, but all the tools required to man the grill. And don’t underestimate the power of steaks. Would I be a little leery of someone sending me a steak? Yeah, but guys really like them. In fact, they’re listed in the top 10 Father’s Day gifts on AskMen.com, and we’ve got plenty on our site to choose from.

…Drinks like a Man…

Everyone knows that man’s best friend is a dog – but puppies aren’t really the greatest presents. Second best mate? Beer, of course. But then, buying Dad a six pack doesn’t really cut it for Father’s Day. So, we’ve created beer baskets that combine unique brews with gourmet treats – so his night’s ready to go. Whether he’s a microbrew kind of guy, enjoys different tastes from around the world, or prefers beers specifically from Ireland, we’ve got the right arrangement of drinks and snacks for your hero.

…And Relaxes like a Man.

Step 1: Figure out what Dad does in his spare time.

Step 2: Shop accordingly.

If he likes to hit the range, get him a gift that he can take with him. Our Hole in One Golf Bag Baskets each come with a small cooler that can keep his drinks cold on those hot days, gourmet snacks, and a few tees (because he always loses them).

He’s a do-it-himselfer? No problem. Give him everything he needs to wash his car like a professional.

Is Fishing his thing? Spending days on the river got a lot tastier with these fishing baskets.

And what guy doesn’t like movies? Whether he wants to be John Wayne or Jean-Claude van Damme, movie snacks are a must. But since a box of Pop Secret won’t suffice (it’s a holiday after all), we have handcrafted gourmet popcorn tins stuffed with flavors Dad will love way more than movie theater butter.

Bottom line: your Dad rocks, so let him know it by not getting him a shirt that’s 3 sizes too large for the second year in a row. Instead, give him something that shows you pay attention to what he likes. He’ll feel appreciated, and that’s what Father’s Day is all about.


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