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What’s scares us more than ghouls, goblins, and ghosts? Awful Halloween costumes. I mean, sure, we all are pressed for time, but it’s possible to still whip up something great for trick-or-treating. So, spare your kids the black trash bag witch ensemble and enjoy your white sheets without the custom eye holes – a completely clever and oh-so-original costume can be ready in a snap.

Up, Up, and Away!

Shazam! So they seek to transform into a defender of goodness who can turn fire into water, have superhuman strength, and fly around the globe at lightning speed? Perfect – because you can whip up a superhero costume that easily tops Batman’s. Colorful leggings are perfect for out-of-this-world bottoms. Just add a long-sleeved t-shirt, shiny fabric for a quick cape, and felt for belts and headpieces and you’ve got yourself a topnotch hero.

Magical Missies

What little lady doesn’t dream of being a mermaid or a fairy or a ballerina? And luckily for you, it’s easy to make their dream come true with barely any sewing (phew). Take a leotard of whatever color you desire (pink for ballerina, purple for mermaid, green for fairy, or whatever) for your base. The skirt couldn’t be any simpler. Take a piece of wide elastic that’s 8-10% shorter than the measurement needed (so it stays put) and sew it into a belt. Purchase a few different colors of tulle. For example, if she’s opting for life under the sea, try to pick up not just green tulle, but light blue, aqua, etc, to make her costume more interesting. Cut the fabric into 6-inch thick strips and use a lark’s knot to secure the pieces around the elastic. For the mermaid, make the strips very long so that they reach the floor and give her fins by tying a piece of tulle around the bottom of the skirt by her ankles. Ballerinas and fairies don’t need long skirts, so make theirs short and cute – like a tutu. And don’t forget to add some flowers, seashells, and ribbons to her skirt and hair.

Film Favorites

Don’t think their favorite movie characters are out of your league. For a convincing Frodo about to make the trek to Mordor, you really don’t need to make anything more than a green felted cape, which is easy enough. Add in a checkered shirt, sweater vest, some brown or khaki pants, and, of course, don’t forget a chain with a large gold-colored ring. And using the same cape pattern, your child is easily part of another film ensemble: Star Wars. Ever notice how similar a karate uniform is to that of a Jedi? Maybe not – but we did. Use a karate uniform jacket and sinch it at their waist with a thick brown belt. For bottoms, simple brown pants do the trick. Complete their look with boots on their feet, and an easy, convincing light saber.

No Sweat!

Never ever underestimate the power of a hooded, zip up sweatshirt. With minimal materials, a little creativity, and a few minutes to spare, you can transform your children into just about anything. A duck? A yellow sweatshirt and feather boa quickly create the webbed creature. And with some white triangle felt teeth around the hood of a grey sweatshirt, a dorsal fin, and some menacing eyes, you’ve got a cringe-worthy swimmer. But you don’t only have animal options. The cutest Red Riding Hood, after all, is one who’s warm. Taking a red sweatshirt, add a cape to the back and trim the whole thing with dainty lace ribbon. If she wears it over a red dress – voila – a little heroine that never looked cuter.

Savvy Seafarers

Ahoy, matey! You can fashion a pirate costume without leaving your closet. Again, leggings – we’re so thankful for them – work the best as bottoms. Top with an oversized dress shirt (pussy bow blouses look particularly nice) and finish with a vest. On their feet, find some tall boots or shoes that you can fit a buckle to. And don’t worry, it’s okay if they look mismatched – actually it’s preferred. In their hair, the basic pirate hat, bandanna, or scarf work well but also striped tops. If you have a black and white striped long sleeve that’s made out of a stretchy material, wrap it around their head and tie the sleeves into a knot at the nape of their neck. Basically, you want to create a nautical gypsy, so their outfit should be pretty eclectic. Have them don on a slew of inexpensive beaded necklaces, chains, hoop earrings, and costume rings for every finger and get ready to raise the Jolly Roger.

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