Every Care Package is Important

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When a soldier receives a care package it is a huge morale booster. Care Packages are a great way to show a soldier how much you care for them and how thankful you’re for the sacrifice they are making for their country. I wanted to highlight this story I found, Every Care Package is Important, about a Marine Mom and the care packages they have been sending to Iraq.

The amazing story starts when one of the male soldiers receives a care package for a girl. The soldiers were making fun of him for receiving the care package and were having fun with all the items he received. When they were heading out on a mission, the marine that received the care package, wanted to bring chapstick and lotion on the trip with him. He inadvertently grabbed tampons as well. At first, everyone was teasing him for bringing feminine hygiene products with him.

That day, the convoy was ambushed and one of the marine’s was shot. He had a deep wound and they were having trouble getting the bleeding to stop. Someone suggested they use the tampons to try and stop the bleeding. The tampon successfully slowed the bleeding in the wound and the surgeon at their base later told them that they saved his life. The soldiers never joked about the tampons again and in fact now include them in their flak jackets and in their first aid kit.

A mistake turned into an amazing story. Apparently you never know the impact of sending a care package to a soldier abroad.

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