Look Who’s POPular: the Facts about How Much Popcorn is Sold Annually

How much popcorn is sold annually? According to the Popcorn Board (a non-profit national commodity promotion and research program), Each year, Americans consume over 14 billion quarts. That’s the equivalent of 43 quarts per person in the U.S. per year! But how did these funny-looking pops become so beloved by Americans?

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Whether you’re going out on a first date or just finished celebrating your silver anniversary, February 14th is an important day. It’s an entire day dedicated to being sweet, showing your other half that you care, and proving that you can be romantic. So, this year how about actually giving your crush a day to… Read More >

Valentine’s Day Movie Wine Pairings

If you’re planning to impress this Valentine’s Day with a romantic night in, you know that the evening hinges on the details. Mood lighting, place setting, and a suitably impressive recipe are all de rigueur for any Pinterest-er worth one’s salt, but of equal importance is your Valentine’s Day movie wine pairings. Instead of simply… Read More >

5 Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to pamper someone you care about. What better way to do this than to serve them one of these romantic Valentine’s day breakfast in bed recipes? All you need to do is prepare one of these delicious meals, serve it on a beautiful tray, and light a few romantic… Read More >

Sweets for Your Sweet: Tasty Valentine’s Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect tasty Valentine’s day gifts to give to your Valentine. Valentine’s Day gift-giving can sometimes be tricky, so if you’re unsure of what to give, you can never go wrong with any of these tasty treats:

Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

Do you struggle each year to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart? Is your loved one tricky to buy for? Do you frequently buy the same gift each year for lack of ideas? Don’t be dismayed; we can help!

5 Foods to Serve on Valentine’s Day

Many couples will eat out this Valentine’s Day, but you can create a romantic meal at home with these 5 Foods to Serve on Valentine’s Day. You need to have the right menu, a few candles, some great music, and a home-cooked meal with a few of these key ingredients. Prepare them right, and you… Read More >

Girl Scout Cookies Wine Pairings For Adults

Girl Scout cookies season is upon us, and no one has knocked on my door to sell me Caramel deLites®, Tagalongs®, or Thin Mints®. How can this be? In years past, I bought at my office from my co-workers doing their daughters’ bidding, from my friends’ children, and even from the adorable scouts who used… Read More >