What's the Deal with Savory Cupcakes?

When most people think of cupcakes they envision chocolate and vanilla cakes with delicious and creamy frosting. Maybe even a few sprinkles if they are feeling festive! But for the last few years cupcakes have undergone a major makeover. Both The Wall Street Journal and Food and Wine said that savory cupcakes, specifically lasagna cupcakes (created by LA-based catering company Heirloom-LA), were the hot trend in baking all the way back in 2011. So it's out with the sweet and in with the savory! Here are some of the more interesting savory cupcake flavor combinations that we've found:

5 Things You Should Try On the Grill

There are few foods more closely tied to summer than juicy grilled burgers. And as much as they are perfect on many an August day, burgers aren’t the only delicious thing you can whip up on the barbie. To spice up your summer food repertoire, check out these 5 things you should be putting on the grill:

Grilled Tofu

Killer Cape Cod Cocktails

In New England, we have our fair share of highly migratory predator species: beautiful common dolphins, monster bluefin tuna, and, most famously, massive sharks. While our coastal waters teem with makos and threshers, blues and sand tigers, the most infamous is without question the cunning great white, whose starring role in Jaws still has Cape Cod swimmers hesitantly entering waters.

Killer Cape Cods

Recipe: Easy Salted Turtle Candies

A favorite treat for nearly a century, turtle candies traditionally combine crisp pecans with smooth caramel and rich chocolate. In other words, they’re delicious and, fortuitously, extremely easy to make.

Chocolate Turtles