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***** This was a birthday gift for a close friend and it was a hit! She's a bit fussy with what she likes for treats and makes all her own baked goods, so she was a little bit of a challenge send a gift. She sent a note relating each item she tried was delicious. She especially liked the pretzels with dip! Thank you to for your prompt shipping and delivery. BUY NOW
***** Perfect! Couldn't be any better; thank you! BUY NOW
***** We were very pleased. Easy to order, arrived on time and employee was very happy with basket. Great to have some different options. Thanks BUY NOW
***** Our friends who are visiting from Switzerland were blown away by the Extreme Tailgating Super Bowl Gift Basket. They loved sampling the micro-beers and the snacks. Thanks for getting the package there in time for their arrival as promised! BUY NOW
***** We received this basket during a difficult time and it was so wonderful and generous. It provided delicious, easy, simple snacks for us and house-guests as well as some delicious leftover ingredients for cooking. I am happy today to send it to another family going through trying times -- to cheer them up and ease the burden of preparing food for themselves and any visitors who drop by. BUY NOW
762 items found
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