"My Customers Were Ecstatic!"Karim, Los Angeles, CA
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***** Awesome customer service and even better when my son got his treats!!! He loved them! Thank you. BUY NOW
***** The process of ordering online was very easy. I even added another treat to personalize it more. The recipients were very happy with the beautiful basket. I prefer working with family-owned businesses for the great service! BUY NOW
***** I sent the basket to my son, his wife and family to celebrate the birth of their second child. His son loves pancakes so this seemed like the perfect gift! The basket arrived looking great and right on time. Thank you! BUY NOW
***** Absolutely beautiful and delicious! The recipient was overwhelmed and filled with gratitude and a full tummy! Thank you for your outstanding service! BUY NOW
***** I didn't want to send this to a client's son before sampling it myself. So, I had one of these care packages sent to our office first. Our staff swooped down and devoured everything! Products were fresh and delicious. A great assortment. Delivered promptly and packaged appropriately. I will definitely be ordering often. Thank you. BUY NOW
817 items found
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