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Step aside, Emeril, there's a new celebrity chef in town.  (Or there will be, after they receive this basket.)   That's because with this impressive gift, any ordinary meal can be transformed into one of extraordinary flavor.  We've brought together an unprecedented selection of gourmet products, including award-winning marinades, savory rubs, and all-natural red cedar grilling papers, which transform even the most inexperienced chef's backyard into the birthplace of grilled masterpieces. 

· Western Red Cedar Grilling Papers by Fire & Flavor - 8 papers - All-natural sheets of sustainable Western Red Cedar that lend their exquisite, intense taste to seafood and vegetables.
· Touch O'Heat BBQ Sauce by Rufus Teague - 16 oz. - An irresistible, all-natural BBQ sauce that's made according to Kansas-tradition with an irresistible sweetness and the perfect amount of heat.
· New Mexico Red Pepper Sesame Sauce by Frontera - 12 oz. - A sweet and savory sauce created by uniting delicious red peppers with nutty sesame seeds, making it perfect for chicken and seafood.
· Everyday Rub All Purpose Seasoning by Fire & Flavor - 2.5 oz. - Composed of the best all-natural ingredients, including paprika, brown sugar, onion, and chilies, this mild rub pairs well with anything that touches the grill.
· Limon Pepper Meat, Fish & Poultry Rub by Robert Rothschild - 5 oz. - Excellent for grilled fish, this vibrant, gourmet rub unites the fresh and zesty tastes of tangy lemon and black pepper.
· Sweet Ancho Chile Fry Seasoning by Fire & Flavor – 1 oz. - A unique blend of all-natural spices, including sweet ancho chilies, that makes gourmet side dishes easy to create.
· Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila Sauce by Robert Rothschild - 12 oz. - Sublime on grilled chicken, this refreshing sauce combines sweet pineapple, creamy coconut, and tangy tequila together for a completely unique taste.
· Santa Fe BBQ Honey & Chipotle Chili - Dryglaze by Urban Accents - 2 oz. - A delicious blend of sweet honey and smoky chipotles that are mixed with traditional BBQ flavors, transforming meats and vegetables into gourmet masterpieces.
· Kingsford Burger Press - Red - by Fox Run - Handy and durable, this convenient press neatly molds each burger into a 1/4" patty, making them the perfect thickness for the grill.
· Flexible Grilling Skewers by Fire Wire - 2 pack – Made from 100% food-grade stainless steel, these ingenious skewers offer complete flexibility, as well as a lifetime guarantee.
· Red Oak Gourmet Grilling Planks by Fire & Flavor – Traditionally aged red oak planks offer an unbeatable barbeque flavor, which is the perfect complement to beef, chicken, pork, and salmon.
· Sriracha Teriyaki Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen - 11 oz. – A vibrant, spicy marinade of sun-ripened tomatoes that is sweetened with honey and mellowed out with soy sauce.
· Carmelized Sweet Onion Whipped Mustard by Elki - 11.5 oz. – Creamy, whipped mustard that's sweetened with caramelized onions to create a delectable, multi-purpose spread.
· Peppered Garlic & Herb Marinade by Fire Wire - 1 oz. – Dry ingredients of creamy garlic and fresh herbs that are transformed with the addition of olive oil into a savory, every-day marinade that's perfect on just about everything.
· Wasabi Ginger Finishing Sauce by Bittersweet Herb Farm - 9 oz. - A delicious marinade for steak and pork, this wasabi sauce is infused with tangy ginger, creating a unique taste that's exquisitely mellow and richly complex.
· Maple Chipotle Grille Sauce by Stonewall Kitchen - 11 oz. – Perfect for vegetables as well as meats, this award-winning sauce blends fiery chipotles with sweet maple syrup.
· Steak Rub by Rufus Teague - 6.2 oz. – Created in Kansas, this award-winning steak rub is comprised of delectable herbs and a complex combination of savory spices.
· Red Oak Burger Planks by Fire & Flavor - 4 pack – Planks of 100% all-natural, aged red oak that offer a complex, smoky flavor to any kind of burger.
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The Celebrity Chef™ BBQ Gift Basket

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