Getting Lice Is Not Nice

child scratch head itching isolated on white

School will be starting soon evoking memories of new shoes, fresh notebooks, the smell of classroom paste – and LICE. There is the dreaded official notice from the school: It has come to our attention there has been a confirmed incident of lice in your son/daughter’s class . . .


10 Things That Drive Me Crazy

1. People driving under the speed limit in the left lane of a two-lane road

tailgating on a three-lane autobahn


Boy or Girl Toys

kids with toys

When my daughter was still in nursery school, she announced: “No more “boy toys.” She had a birthday coming up and wanted to make her gift wishes very clear.


Tech Support, Please Don’t Make Things Worse.

woman computer problems

This year alone I have logged so many hours on the phone with tech support for my less-than-two-year-old lemon of a computer that at times I have lost full work days, my patience, and – quite nearly – my mind.

Sometimes, out of the boredom that comes with waiting for this diagnostic or that test to be run, a background in journalism, and a general curiosity about people, I have had conversations with technicians about family, the pluses and minuses of arranged marriages, what it’s like to work all night. One time I was on the phone so long that while the tech was working, I actually took a shower, dried my hair, got dressed and put on makeup. “Speaker phone is on. Yell if you need me,” I told the tech. “Do not leave me,” I warned, “because if I have to start over again with someone else, I will jump off a roof.”