Garage Sale Trivia


As I write this, my husband has taken the local paper and is off to a garage sale. I cast him a warning look; I don’t even like my own junk, let alone someone else’s. And yet he has bought some interesting (and even valuable) things over the years. Here are three things I learned after living for decades with an inveterate garage saler. Some observations defy conventional wisdom, others not.


Never mind sticker shock. I am in popcorn shock.

Popcorn Series

A few weeks ago I took my grandchildren to the movies – three, who of course each needed his or her own box of popcorn. The kid behind the counter measured them out and then asked me for $16.50.


Pink Football Pants – Oh MY!


I just went for breakfast with my friend Diana who must be the world’s greatest mom. She was bereft, having washed her son’s football pants with an old red jersey. The jersey had been washed so many times that she didn’t think it would run. Yet the white football pants were now perfectly pink.


What Is Going on Back There? Tips for a Family Road Trip


If there is a parent alive who has not suffered through a whiny chorus of “Are We There Yet?” or “He’s hitting me,” or “She took my . . .(you fill in the dots), “Do we have to listen to this station?”, my guess is that parent does not have a car. Or has a car with a DVD player in the back seat.