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Everyone needs a little stress relief, and our Valentine's Day Therapy Deluxe Spa Gift Baskets are veritable toolboxes of relief. Each of these Spa Gifts includes a cherrystone neck wrap and a relaxing eye mask, both of which can be either heated or cooled. They also include a lavender soy candle (the same candle at the Oscars), a foot roller massager, sea salt soak, and, to top it off, replenishing body lotion. When you send this basket, you send a relaxation gift basket that delivers relaxation to the mind and energy to the body.

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Valentine’s Day Relaxation Therapy Spa Gift Basket Deluxe™

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What's Inside?
· Blue Eye Mask by Pendergrass - Cool this in the refrigerator, place on eyes, and experience daily stresses and swelling float away!
· Wood Body Roller - "Massage Car" by Pendergrass - This tool will help her get masseuse-quality relief right from her own home.
· Cherry Stone Thermal Wrap by Pendergrass - One of the most unique ingredients in our valentines spa baskets, this thermal wrap is comprised of cherry stones, which are known for their ability to stay warm or cold. This wrap can either be heated or cooled and then applied to sore shoulders to relieve stress.
· Jarred Serenity Soy Candle by Beanpod - 8 oz. - Just light a match for instant, fragrant, soy relaxation!
· Foot Roller Massager by Pendergrass - One of the favorite ingredients in our line of spa gift baskets, this tool relaxes one of everyone’s most sore spots, the feet.
· Sea Spa Sea Salt Soak by Upper Canada - 1.8 oz. - Light the Jarred Serenity Soy Candle, draw a bath, and add this Sea Salt Soak for the most relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience ever!
· Sea Spa Mini Replenishing Body Lotion by Upper Canada - 2.5 oz. - After you finish taking that bath, be sure to lock in the moisture with this moisturizing lotion to create ultra-smooth skin.
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