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Our romantic fruit & fondue gift basket is sure to be a huge hit for Valentine's Day! One of our most unique Valentine's Day Gifts, this sensational design gives you everything you need to enjoy a unique gourmet snack! Inside, you'll find five ultra-premium fruits including a mix of Apples, Navel Orange, and D'Anjou Pear, accompanied by a high quality fondue warmer, super delicious caramel dipping sauce complete with tea light and forks. Guaranteed to impress, this romantic gift basket is a Valentine's Day Gift Basket they are sure to love!
What's Inside?
· Large Assorted Apples, Large Navel Orange, Large D'Anjou Pear - A fine assortment of five delicious fresh fruits to enjoy dipping in a rich chocolate sauce.
· Fondue Set by Trudeau - Includes a 12 oz bowl, 4 forks and tea light to perfectly warm the dipping chocolate.
· Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce by King's Cupboard - 11 oz. - The traditional dessert sauce gets a gourmet touch with bourbon vanilla.
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Valentine's Fruit & Chocolate Fondue For Two™

Sorry, this item is out of stock at this time!
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