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Cats are important members of peoples' families, so it's important that we treat them like it. In sending this basket, you're sure to do just that. Stocked with all-natural, gourmet treats and fun toys that ensure hours of play, this gift keeps their favorite felines healthy and happy.
What's Inside?
· Skedaddles by Zanies - One pull of their cord will send these crazy characters across the floor, driving cats wild wherever they go.
· Guardian Gear Laser Pointer Exercise Beam - While their feline friend may be perfectly content on the couch, exercise is sometimes needed, and this laser pointer ensures that they’ll get it.
· Feline Greenies Savory Salmon Cat Treats - 3 oz. - Sure, they look high and mighty, but don’t be fooled by appearances – cats get bad breath too. Luckily, these treats are clinically proven to reduce plaque and tarter buildup, eliminating less-than-pleasant odors.
· Rainbow Mice by Zanies - These eye-catching rainbow fur mice provide hours of fun and exercise, and are a healthy outlet for a cat’s natural hunting instinct.
· Zanies Tweety Tumbler - Their cat’s new go-to toy? Yep. This plush tumbler contains a tweeting chip, making it an instant favorite.
· Zanies Mylar Cat Ball - We’re drawn to bright, pretty things…and so is their cat. That’s why this shiny ball of metallic Mylar is irresistible.
· Jute and Feather Sack with Catnip by Ethical Cat - A simple jute sack that's filled with catnip and adorned with irresistible feathers, making it perfect for clawing and pouncing.
· Castor & Pollux Organix Organic Cat Treats - Turkey Apple - 2 oz. - Kitties know good snacks. That’s why they go a little nutty when the scent of these all-natural, organic turkey and apple treats hits the air.
· Organic Loose Leaf Catnip by Vaness - Organic catnip with a mint-like aroma that cats find impossible to resist.
· Zanies Zanies Kitty Catnip Creatures -
Want to drive their cat crazy in a good way? This small creature is stuffed with catnip, creating a toy that will entertain for hours.
· Freeze Dried Chicken by Whole Life -
1 oz. - Don’t want to send a treat with mystery ingredients? Neither do we. That’s why we love these snacks which are made from all-natural chicken breast and nothing else.
· Kickeroo by Kong Company
- Filled with enticing catnip, this unique toy promises hours of wrestling and pawing.
· Play-N-Squeak Spring Fling by Our Pets
- An entertaining toy with a bouncing spring mouse that provides mental stimulation and exercise.
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Ultimate Pampered Cat Gift Basket™

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