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Sure, this bounty looks impressive.  But we're not all about looks.  The contents of this gift are just as impressive as its appearance.  And since it's comprised of the most decadent cookies, savory nuts, and gourmet mixes, you can be sure that they'll love this gift which has the whole package: good looks and great tastes to boot.

· Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip by Robert Rothschild Farm - 7.8 oz. – Made with the finest ingredients including fresh raspberries, clover honey, and tangy mustard, this all-natural dip of mind-blowing goodness is delicious.
· Dipping Pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods - 6 oz. – Plump pretzel sticks that are lightly salted and baked until they're evenly golden brown.
· Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies by Holly Baking - 6 oz. - Classic, crunchy chocolate chip cookies that are loaded with fresh walnuts and baked to perfection.
· Caramel Nut Crunch Popcorn by KingOfPOP.com - 6 oz. - Handcrafted gourmet popcorn that's smothered in crisp, crunchy caramel and laden with fresh Virginia and redskin peanuts.
· Roasted and Salted Peanuts by Feridies - 7 oz. - Gently hand roasted, premium peanuts that are cooked in oil and lightly salted.
· Parmesan Artichoke & Garlic Cheese Straws by Salem Baking Company - 2.5 oz. - Savory cheese straws that are baked with the freshest garlic, artichoke hearts, and creamy parmesan.
· Buttered Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Company - 10 oz. – Bite-size squares of extra-large Virginia peanuts that are drenched in fresh, creamy butter and dusted with brown sugar.
· Metropolitan Trail Mix by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. – A GourmetGiftBaskets.com original trail mix that combines savory, roasted nuts with sweet, dried fruits.
· Nature’s Mixed Medley by GourmetGiftBaskets.com – 8 oz. – Our own delectable blend of savory peanuts, creamy almonds, crispy rice crackers, crunchy sesame sticks, and fried green peas.
Peanut Butter Pretzel Nuggets by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. – Crunchy pretzel nuggets that are generously filled with creamy, smooth peanut butter.
· Key Lime Moravian Cookies by Salem Baking -
1 oz. - Using a centuries-old recipe, the Salem Baking Company perfects these classic cookies using cold-pressed lime oil and pure cane sugar.
· Blueberry, Pomegranate & Almond Orchard Bar by Liberty Orchards -
1.6 oz. - What's loaded with real fruit, heart-healthy nuts, and all-natural goodness?  Oh, just this sublime bar that's rich in antioxidants to boot, making a snack they can feel really good about.
· Meyer Lemon Moravian Cookies by Salem Baking -
5 oz. - Thin, exotic cookies made with Meyer lemon oil and vanilla from Madagascar and baked according to homemade tradition.
· Baked Potato Sticks by Bodacious Food Company -
5 oz. - Crispy potato sticks that have been double baked (not fried - never fried) until they're golden brown and lightly sprinkled with sea salt for an all-natural snack they won't be able to put down.
· Chocolate Wafer Roll Petites by Dolcetto -
5 oz. - Decadent, crisp wafers that envelope centers of rich, creamy chocolate.
· Organic Dude Ranch Multigrain Chips by Late July -
5.5 oz. - Jam packed with 16 grams of whole grains in every serving, these tangy sour cream chips make a ridiculously delicious (and healthy) snack.
· Hors D'oeuvre Deli Style Crackers by Partners
- 4.9 oz. - Thick, artisan crackers that are carefully crafted with the finest ingredients and baked to crunchy perfection.
· Cheese Round by Northwood Cheese
- 4 oz. - An irresistible Wisconsin cheese is artfully created using the finest ingredients.
· Smoked Sausage by Northwoods
- 7 oz. - A rich, natural hickory smoked summer sausage that’s gets its irresistible taste from a special blend of imported natural seasonings and exotic spices.
· Peanut Brittle by Old Dominion -
4 oz. - Light, crisp brittle that's laden with premium, extra-fancy peanuts and handmade the old-fashioned way.
· Vanilla Wafer Rolls by Dolcetto -
4.5 oz. - Elegant, airy wafers that wrap around a creamy, all-natural vanilla filling.
· Zesty Snack Mix by GourmetGiftBaskets.com
– 8 oz. – A tangy mix of peanuts, gourmet pretzels, and crunchy sesame sticks that are speckled with a delicious Cajun seasoning.
· Chocolate Chip Cookies by Holly Baking -
6 oz. - Classic never tasted so delicious.  These cookies are made of all-natural ingredients, loaded with premium chocolate chips, and baked to crunchy perfection.
· Cinnamon Bun Caramel Sauce by Robert Rothschild - 5 oz. -
Don't be surprised if they lick the jar clean.  This gooey, all-natural caramel sauce is just that good.
· Butter Rich Cookie Brittle by Moondance Baking -
6 oz. - Brittle sticks that are enveloped with fresh butter, creating uniquely rich, delicious cookies.
· Crispy Cracker Crunch by Gourmetgiftbaskets.com
– 8 oz. – A superb blend of crunchy, crisp rice crackers and poppy and onion sesame sticks that is coated with a blend of herbs.
· Roasted & Salted Cashews by GourmetGiftBaskets.com -
4 oz. - Creamy cashews that have been expertly roasted and kissed with salt, creating a mix people go a little nuts about.
· Butter Toffee Peanuts by Old Dominion Peanut Company -
3 oz. - Delightful, premium peanuts that are bathed in rich, buttery toffee and carefully hand-cooked in a copper kettle.
· Island Orchard Mix by GourmetGiftBaskets.com -
8 oz. - A exotic mix of premium dried pineapple, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, and cranberries.
· Chipotle Salsa by Gringo Jacks -
16 oz. - In the mountains of Manchester, Vermont, this crazily intense (in only a good way), all-natural salsa of smoky chipotles and fresh, ripe tomatoes is hand crafted with the utmost care.
· Cinnamon Honey Dipping Pretzels by Robert Rothschild - 6 oz. –
All-natural, and coated with honey and cinnamon, these crunchy pretzels are perfect for dipping, but are easily enjoyable without accompaniment.
· Boulder's Mixed Nuts by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. -
We're a little nuts about this premium blend of creamy cashews, filberts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, and whole almonds that have been drizzled with oil and lightly salted.
· Peppered Beef Jerky by Divine Bovine
– 2 oz. - Gourmet beef jerky that's drenched in a unique blend of savory spices and crushed black pepper, creating a sublimely tasty, healthy treat.
· Pistachio Trail Mix Crunch by Mareblu Naturals - 3 oz. - Using only the finest, all-natural products, Mareblu Naturals creates this snack of dry-roasted almonds, cashews, pistachios, and pumpkin seeds that are lightly sprinkled with salt.
· Pineapple, Coconut & Macadamia Orchard Bar by Liberty Orchards -
1.6 oz. - Fresh macadamia nuts, creamy coconut, and sweet pineapple come together to create this antioxidant-rich snack they can feel great about eating.
· 5 O'Clock Crunch by Feridies - 6 oz. -
A finger-licking-good blend of savory roasted peanuts, whale cheese crackers, chili-lemon sticks, and salted corn chips.
· Organic Candy Drops by Yummy Earth -
3.3 oz. -  These delicious drops are made with fresh fruits, real vegetables, and no artificial anything, making them just about the greatest candy ever.  
· Fuji Apple Crunch Dried Fruit by Sensible Foods -
12 g - The sweetest, ripest Fuji apples that are dried and cut into small chips, creating a snack so tasty, it's hard to believe it's only 50 calories.
· Sweet Corn Crunch Snack by Sensible Foods -
12 g - Dried fresh corn that's lightly kissed with sea salt and not a thing else.
· Tiramisu Wafer Rolls by Fusion Gourmet -
4.4 oz. -  Crisp, airy wafers of rich cocoa and Sumatran coffee that harbor the sweet, decadent taste of tiramisu.
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Customer Reviews

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  May 01, 2014
Fabulous! Our client was amazed at the beauty and selection - ordering was so easy and efficient - this will be our 'go-to' company for all gift baskets! So glad I discovered you! Brilliant selections.
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