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The grandest way to begin any day is certainly with this incredible basket!  Perfect to celebrate any occasion, it's laden with over a dozen of our favorite award-winning breakfast foods, including hickory-smoked bacon, irresistible Stonewall Kitchen mixes, and gourmet coffees, making any morning absolutely wonderful!

· Cheddar Herb Biscuit Mix by Stonewall Kitchen - 12 oz. - Sensational with eggs and bacon, this simple mix yields delectable, fluffy biscuits that are laden with chives and savory cheddar cheese.
· Hickory Smoked Peppered Bacon by Broadbent's - 14 oz. - Incredible, award-winning bacon that's hand-rubbed with a special blend of pepper and then carefully dry-cured until it's perfected.
· Country Ham Biscuit Slices by Broadbent's - 8 oz. - Dry-cured, hickory-smoked, and aged to perfection, these slices of ham are specially cut so that they fit seamlessly onto biscuits.
· (3) Bags of “Perfect Potful” Coffee by Coffee Masters - The intoxicating smell of breakfast isn't complete without coffee! These packs produce the best around, as they're packed with pre-measured gourmet grounds to create pots of perfection.
· Dried Cranberries by Oskri - 3.53 oz. - Irresistibly tangy, sun-dried cranberries that are the perfect addition to granola, oatmeal, or biscuits.
· Blueberry Crisp by Village Mixes - 9 oz. - A mix of all-natural ingredients that quickly creates a much-loved family favorite with the simple addition of butter and blueberries.
· Granola Bountiful Harvest by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 8 oz. - Our own expert blend of tender raisins, tangy cranberries, creamy almonds and sweet vanilla granola.
· Banana Chips by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 4 oz. - Created from bananas that are harvested at the peak of ripeness, thinly sliced, and expertly dried, these delectable chips offer a sweet and healthy accompaniment to any breakfast.
· Kitchen/Tea Towels - Assorted - Matching Decorative Kitchen Towel - Beautiful and unique, these simple towels offer the perfect way to keep fresh biscuits warm on the table.
· Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam by Stonewall Kitchen - 13 oz. - A sublime and sophisticated jam made from sweet peaches, blissful raspberries, and bubbly champagne that's certain to create vibrant mornings!
· Muesli Honey Bar by Oskri Organics - 1.5 oz. - An all-natural, gluten free snack bar of seeds, nuts, and cranberries that is slightly sweetened with honey.
· Cinnamon Bun Mix by Stonewall Kitchen - 19.6 oz. - There's nothing better to wake up to than he smell of sweet, sticky cinnamon buns, and this mix of the finest quality ingredients will help them do just that!
· Almonduo by Almondina Biscuits - 4 oz. - Delicious, all-natural biscuits that are packed with sweet almonds and savory pistachios to create thin, crunchy cookies no one has to feel guilty about enjoying!
· Island Orchard Mix by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 8 oz. - A blissful mixture of exotic dried fruits, including pineapple, papaya, kiwi, and strawberries.
· Individually Wrapped Amber Demitasse Sticks by Dryden and Palmer – 8 sticks – Don’t bother getting the sugar dispenser out. These demitasse sticks are a much more elegant way to sweeten a morning mug.
· Cranberry Almond Oatmeal by Holly's - 16 oz. - A perfectly balanced breakfast of sweet and tart tastes, this all-natural, gourmet oatmeal is packed with healthy almonds and nutritional cranberries.
· Organic English Breakfast Tea by Harney & Sons - 20 bags boxed - A medium-bodied tea with hints of toast and honey that's created in the same fashion as in the 1800s, using only China Black - 100% Keemun tea.
· Fuji Apple Chips by Bare Fruit - 2.6 oz. - One hundred percent organic with no added preservatives or sugar, these sweet, crunchy chips are created from dried Fuji Red Apples that are grown in Washington state.
· Original Ginger Chews by Chimes - 5 oz. - This chewy, ginger candy is made from a super-secret family recipe that’s been passed down for 3 generations, creating an all-natural treat like no other.
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"Signature Series" Breakfast Gift Basket™

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