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Send a bit of la dolce vita with this impressive gift.  We created it solely of award-winning Italian foods comprised of authentic Italian tastes. With the richest sauce of vine-ripened tomatoes, handcrafted penne pasta, and pure sparkling water from the Alps, this basket combines all the Italian tastes they love into an authentic meal they'll never forget.

· Penne Rigate by Manicaretti - 16.06 oz. - The company behind this penne was actually formed in Penne.  (So, it's pretty legitimate.) Made with durum wheat and water, this artisan pasta exemplifies the distinctive taste of Italian cuisine.
· Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce with Hot Red Pepper by Elena's - 16 oz. - A robust sauce crafted from the plumpest vine-ripened tomatoes, sweetest herbs, and the zestiest hot red pepper flakes.
· Garlic Herb Cheeseball Mix by Wind and Willow - 1.2 oz. - Presto!  This mix of savory herbs, creamy garlic, and crushed pecans quickly creates a delicious cheeseball or hot dip.
· Tomato Bruschetta by Elki - 12 oz. - A gourmet spread of sun-ripened tomatoes that are blended with sweet basil and creamy garlic.
· Tiramisu Wafer Rolls by Fusion Gourmet - 4.4 oz. - All-natural centers of creamy cocoa and Sumatran coffee that are encased by crisp, European-style wafers.
· Sparkling Italian Water by San Pellegrino - 1 Liter - Pure, light water that is naturally enriched with minerals as it makes its way to the foothills of the Italian Alps.
· Cheddar & Chive Flatbread Crackers by Salem Baking Company - 6 oz. - All-natural flatbread crackers that are infused with extra sharp aged cheddar and baked until irresistibly crisp.
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San Pellegrino - Italian Gift Basket

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