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Roll Out the Red Carpet Gift Basket

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And the award for Best Gift Basket goes to...this one! Since no film experience is complete without delicious snacks, we have created this impressive gift basket, which is perfect for the movie-lover in your life. It boasts a wide variety of handcrafted popcorn, with gourmet flavors like Cinnamon & Brown Sugar, Salted Chocolate Caramel, and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel. And that’s not all! We’ve also added a generous assortment of other tasty treats, making movie night more enjoyable than ever!


• (4) Vintage Popcorn Dishes - Four adorable, vintage-style containers that make sharing a bowl a thing of the past.
• Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn by - 3.14 oz. – A mouthwatering pairing of fresh cream and butter with just enough salt to create that perfect popcorn taste.
• Roasted & Salted Peanuts by J&R Gourmet - 2 oz. – Better than any ballpark peanuts you’ve ever tasted, these premium nuts are roasted and salted to perfection.
• Sun Dried Tomato Basil Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. - This savory handcrafted popcorn's vibrant taste comes from a blend of real hard cheeses, creamy garlic, aromatic herbs, and sun-dried tomatoes.
• Chichester Snack Mix by Merrimack Valley Company - 2 oz. – A delightful snack mix composed of crunchy pretzel nuggets, cheddar cheese crackers, and premium nuts.
• Honey Mustard Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. – Gourmet popcorn that’s completely coated with tangy honey mustard flavor.
• Parmesan Garlic & Herb Pita Chips by Wildcat Mountain - 4 oz. – These pita chips are seasoned with a perfect blend of Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley and then baked to a crunchy perfection.
• Buffalo Popcorn by - 1.1 oz. – Crisp, handcrafted gourmet popcorn that’s generously coated with fiery buffalo flavor.
• Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzels by Harvey's Pretzels - 4 oz. – Crunchy gourmet pretzels are covered with tangy honey mustard and onion seasoning.
• Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Kettlecorn by - 1.4 oz. – A sweet, mouthwatering snack with that traditional cinnamon kick.
• Chocolate Wafer Roll Petites by Dolcetto - 5 oz. – European-style wafers that are rolled to perfection, with a crunchy coat on the outside to protect the rich and smooth chocolate on the inside.
• Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettlecorn by - 1.4 oz. - Delectable, handcrafted kettlecorn that is lightly coated with sugar, drizzled with oil, and then rolled in sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.


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