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Pizza Gift Baskets - (RETIRED)

Delicious, No Matter How You Slice It

People have been obsessed with pizza for a while, basically ever since the Neolithic period (when the wheel was invented thousands of years ago). Initially, it was just really flat bread topped with oils and sometimes fish, as tomatoes are actually native to South America. It wasn’t until explorers like Columbus brought tomatoes back to Europe from the Americas that they took off in the developed world. And in 1889, the first modern day pizza was created with basil, mozzarella, and tomatoes to represent the Italian Flag for Queen Margherita (hence the ever popular margherita pizza).

With our pizza gift baskets, we recognize that pizza has had an interesting history, which we honor by using the finest ingredients. Our pizza baskets include only gourmet products to ensure that the world’s love for pizza only continues.


Why do we all love pizza? Well, it has something to do with the insatiable combination of sweet basil, ripe tomatoes, fresh cheese, and soft crust. A pizza is something you can never go wrong with (have you ever met someone who doesn’t like pizza?). This is why our pizza gift baskets are a great choice for pretty much any occasion. Whether you’re welcoming someone into their new home with a housewarming gift, are saying thank you, or are helping to celebrate a birthday, our pizza gifts are perfect.

Live it Up

Make it an event to remember. Whether you’re helping make the perfect celebration for a child’s party or are arranging an all-grownups affair, our baskets can help. Snacks – we’ve got them, just check out our handcrafted gourmet popcorn. Dinner? Make it a pizza basket, of course. And dessert? Well, it has to be said that our baked goods and ice cream baskets are impressive. Whatever the event needs, we’ve got it. So don’t worry about running store to store to find everything you need. With us, you’re covered.