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Pick of the Patch Halloween Mug

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Send everything they need to eat, drink, and be scary this Halloween! Inside a hand-painted pumpkin mug, your recipient will find a bewitching assortment of classic chocolates and favorite candies. Complete with irresistibly sour Skittles, slow-melting M&M's, and creamy Peanut Butter Cups, this boo-tiful arrangement is a Halloween gift they're sure to go batty for!

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· Plain M&M's by Mars - 1.69 oz. - Rich morsels of silky milk chocolate that are coated in brightly colored candy shells.
· Peanut M&M's by Mars - 1.69 oz. - Extra-large peanuts that are drenched in rich milk chocolate and sealed inside thin candy shells.
· Sour Skittles by Mars - 2.17 oz. - Classic chewy candies that explode with irresistibly sour fruit flavors.
· Reese's Peanut Butter Cups by Hershey - 1.5 oz. - Centers of creamy peanut butter that's covered in smooth milk chocolate.
· Strawberry Twizzlers - 2.5 oz. - Twists of licorice-like candy that explode with vibrant strawberry flavor.
· Blo Pop by Charms - A refreshing lolly of sweet fruit flavored candy that wraps around a bubblegum center.
· Pumpkin Ceramic Mug - A microwave and dishwasher safe mug that's hand-painted to look like a jack-o-lantern.


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