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When it comes to making Saint Patrick's Day memorable, this fun gift is sure to do the trick! Inside an adorable leprechaun pot, we've brought together an assortment of tasty treasures, like crisp cookies created from all-natural ingredients and classic chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, creating a wonderful arrangement that will make your recipient feel a little extra lucky!

· Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies by Holly Baking - 6 oz. - Irresistibly crisp chocolate chip cookies that are created from all-natural ingredients and loaded with artisan chocolate chips.
· Mint Chip Maltballs by Marich - 1.76 oz. - Crisp, airy maltballs that are drenched in layers of rich dark chocolate and sealed inside a mint-cookie confection.
· (2) Chocolate Chip Cookies by Brent and Sam's - 1.9 oz. -  Classic cookies that are baked with the finest all-natural ingredients and speckled with chunks of rich chocolate chips.
· Cashew and Cranberry Crunch by Oskri - 3.53 oz. - A filling snack created from a blend of sweet cranberries and crunchy cashews.
· Mike & Ike Original Candy by Just Born - 2.12 oz. - Oblong candy chews that burst with blissfully sweet fruit flavors.
· Milk Chocolate Bavarian Mints by House of Bauer - 1.5 oz. - Decadent bite-sized treats of smooth, rich milk chocolate centers that are drenched in mint-infused chocolate shells.
· Chocolate Gold Coins - Disks of smooth milk chocolate that are wrapped in gold foil, which is stamped to give the appearance of real coins.

Luck Of The Irish - St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket

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