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Hello, gorgeous. This beautiful, oversized basket boasts delicious treats of decadent artisan chocolate, the creamiest melt-in-your-mouth cookies, and savory snacks that aren't just certified kosher but completely gourmet too.  Perfect for a large group or for a single recipient, this terrific gift is certain to impress no matter the occasion.

· Gourmet Dipping Pretzels by Robert Rothschild Farms - 6 oz. - All-natural pretzels that are expertly crafted with all-natural ingredients and sprinkled with the perfect amount of salt, creating a snack that's just as delicious dipped as they are alone.
· Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip by Robert Rothschild Farms - 7.8 oz. - A divine dip of sweet gooey honey, tangy mustard, and ripe raspberries that deliciously coats savory pretzels.
· Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies by Brent & Sam’s - 7 oz. - Sublimely crunchy cookies made from scratch using creamy white chocolate chunks and exotic key lime oil.  
· Salted Peanuts by Feridies - 7 oz. - Feridies takes this classic snack and perfects it by using only premium, extra-large Virginia peanuts that are evenly coated with salt. 
· Signature Milk Chocolate Bar by Lake Champlain - 3 oz. - A bar of rich, artisan chocolate that is expertly crafted with pure Belgian cocoa.
· Buttered Peanut Crunch by Old Dominion Peanut Company - 10 oz. - Bite-sized squares of sweet and savory goodness.  Old Dominion takes their premium peanuts, envelopes them in rich grade AA butter, and dusts them in brown sugar.
· Dark Chocolate Bavarian Mints by Supreme Chocolatier - 1.5 oz. - Dark chocolate shells that are infused with mint and generously filled with molten chocolate.
· Pinkham's Nosh Trail Mix by White Birch - 4 oz. - A zesty mix of soybeans, peanuts, corn, sunflower seeds, and pepitas that have been drizzled in oil, lightly salted, and seasoned with spices.
· Lemon Daisy Cookies by Dancing Deer - 6 oz. - Sweeter cookies than these you just can't find.  Buttery, melt-in-your-mouth confections that are baked with lemony goodness in the shape of daisies.
· Single Serve Mint Chip Maltballs by Marich - 1.76 oz. - Deliciously crunchy maltballs that are cloaked in dark chocolate and encased inside of a mint-cookie shell.
· Ginger Snap Cookies by Mary’s Gone Crackers – 5.5 oz. – With an explode-in-your-mouth taste of real, organic ginger, these crunchy, organic cookies are irresistible.
· Strawberry Harvest Trail Mix by GourmetGiftBaskets.com - 8 oz. - A decadent blend of premium nuts and fancy dried fruits that are drizzled with honey, speckled with oil, and lightly salted.
· Chocolate Nut Medley by Marich - 4.5 oz. - A decadent blend of macadamias, almonds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts that are bathed in milk and dark chocolates.
· Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies by Brent & Sam’s - 7 oz. - Better than your Mom's cookies, these crunchy confections are loaded with gourmet chocolate chips and chunks of premium pecans.
· Deli Style Hors D'oeuvre Style Crackers by Partners - 4.9 oz. - Thin, crisp artisan crackers that are crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients.
· Smoked Salmon Pillow Pack by Alaska Smokehouse - 2 oz. - Created according to centuries-old tradition, this ready to eat wild salmon is hand filleted, soaked in brine, and slowly smoked over an alder wood fire.
· Dark Chocolate Pretzels by Supreme Chocolatier - 1.5 oz. - Crisp, lightly salted pretzels that are completely covered in smooth dark chocolate.
· Caramel Sauce by King’s Cupboard - 11 oz. – A luxurious sauce of gooey caramel, sweet butter, and fresh cream that instantly makes any dessert sophisticated.
· Cashew Honey Crunch with Cranberries by Oskri - 3.53 oz. - A mix of rice crisps, tart cranberries, and crunchy cashews that are drizzled with honey to create a delicious snack of all-natural goodness that's almost too easy to enjoy.
· Almonduo Biscuits by Almondina - 4 oz. - Made in accordance with an old family recipe, these delicious, all-natural treats are laden with creamy pistachios and sweet almonds, creating a cookie they don't have to feel guilty about eating.
· Baked Granny Smith Apples by Bare Fruit - 2.6 oz. - Simple, sweet, and delicious, these chips get their tremendous flavor from Washington state Granny Smith apples and not a thing else.
· Cara Mella Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares by Jer’s Chocolates – 4 oz. – Sublime squares of elegant milk chocolate that coats dreamy centers of creamy Valencia peanut butter and gooey caramel.
· Original Salted Kettle Chips by Deep River Snacks - 5.5 oz. - Thick slices of potato that are gently cooked in a kettle and evenly dusted with sea salt.
· Gourmet Milk Chocolate Dipped Pretzels by Supreme Chocolatier -1.5 oz.- Savory, gourmet pretzels that are lightly salted, baked to perfection, and then dipped into rich milk chocolate.
· Signature Dark Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts by Lake Champlain - 3 oz. - An alluring dark chocolate of 54% cocoa content that wraps around a center of creamy, all-natural hazelnut paste.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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  January 31, 2010
The basket was such a hit. Everything in it was fresh and delicious. And they kept their word that it was all Kosher. I would recommend this basket for anyone to send and be very proud of it.
  April 06, 2009
I sent a Kosher basket last week for a funeral and they contacted me and told me how Phonomenal the basket was! They could barely lift it. Thank you so much for putting together a wonderful assortment. Nancy
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Kosher Cornucopia Gift Basket™

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