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Sure, commencement is an exciting time, but it can often be stressful too! That's why we created this beautiful arrangement that's perfect for pampering your recent grad! Inside a gorgeous basket, she'll find a selection of soothing spa products, including luxurious body butter, cleansing French milled soap, and gentle bubble bath, creating a gorgeous gift that's perfect for celebrating her accomplishments!

· Perfumed Body Powder in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 3 oz
· Body Butter in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 5.25 oz.
· French Milled Cleansing Soap in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 3.75 oz.
· Fragrant Drawer Sachet in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - .3 oz.
· Bubble Bath in Secret Sea by Camille Beckman - 8 oz.
· Loofah Body Net by Pendergrass
· Cooling Gel Eye Mask
· Terry Cloth Shell Shaped Bath Pillow by Pendergrass

Graduation Gift for Her

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